Are you sitting comfortably (because believe me you need to be to view this knockout of a wedding)... then I shall begin. Lets start with our gorgeous couple Tayne & Wade, who are just SO ridiculously cool it hurts, and couldn't follow our ethos 'Your day your way' more if they tried. Bride Tayne has purple hair and didn't see the point in changing it for her big day so kept it as it was, she even complimented it with a purple tulle overlay skirt designed by Terrence Bray, who not only listened attentively to exactly what Tayne wanted her bridal gown to look like, but also cleverly incorporated elements of Tayne's mums wedding dress into the new gown. Beautiful and sentimental. And if that wasn't enough he also designed Wade's burgundy suit and together with their wedding party are one seriously stylish squad. The venue for this extravaganza was Tayne's parents farm. Saying their vows alongside the river under a beautiful old tree and then celebrating in an old barn decorated in a sumptuous gold, navy and burgundy colour scheme with steampunk decor and breathtaking florals. Andy & Szerdi Photography brings the story of this uber cool, alternative country wedding to life, with images you won't be able to resist swooning over and pinning.


Tayne The Bride: Ok so Wade and I did long distance which didn't make wedding planning that easy. Luckily both our parents are absolute machines. We chose my parents farm because it has the most incredible natural feel and look, it's a venue only my sister has used before and so it was personal and intimate and just added to the years of happy memories. We chose our 'theme' because we both like the romantic industrial look, we couldn't find the exact image, but we spent months taking photos of places we saw and things we liked and slowly built our own image. The majority of our wedding was DIY, most of the flowers were from the gardens at the farm, my mom collect and sprayed 300 tin cans over the space of 10 months, the wall was made from the old rusted corrugated iron off my dads factory, the 100 exposed light bulbs were wired and individually strung by my parents over weeks at home and the 'copper piping' everywhere was just plastic piping my dad had extruded, then moulded (at home in the oven) and painted.  We had so much help from family and friends who came up the day before to set up everything, from walls, the roof to centre pieces and bouquets. It was such a community effort. We had no wedding planner, no florist, no decorator, just an idea in our head, flowers and greenery in season  and moms and aunts who are incredibly talented and it could not have been more perfect. 


I had this idea in my head for a dress and kept being told by dress makers that maybe I should remove the collar or change the purple to grey because in 10 years time I might regret the idea then I met Terrence Bray. What a man! He just got everything and made it better than we could have imagined. My parents adore each other, so to me my moms old wedding dress held so much 'luck' and a promise of a happy marriage, so Terrence used all the beading off my moms wedding dress to bead my dress, the sleeves were my moms old sleeves just altered to suit my dress, my skirt was my mom's old skirt, with purple tulle over, my train was my moms train, just smaller. It was something old, new, borrowed and purple. Wade has always loved my hair down and to the side and so I wanted to do my hair as close to that as possible (without it being down and annoying in my face for 12 hours) I think the result was pretty great. Oh yeah and purple hair, it's been purple for 3 years, so why change it just for one day?


Wade The Groom: I wanted to go for something a bit different. I have always had my eye on a maroon/burgundy suit but didn't really know if it would work. Terrence Bray absolutely nailed the colours and design. The colours blended in so well with our theme which was a bonus. The best thing about my suit is that I can wear it again. Being able to mix and match my jackets and pants after the wedding was also really important to me. It's the awesome being able to wear parts of our special day when we attend other weddings. 


Tayne The Bride: I have 7 very special girls in my life, 2 sisters, 2 cousins and 3 best friends, they are all so incredibly special and equally different in every way imaginable. I wanted to make sure they felt happy and comfortable on the day, so I told them to send me a dress they like and Terrence and I would make it work for the wedding. I've always hated being put in a box and made to conform, so I never wanted to do that to others.  I'm so glad I did that, because knowing they were happy and comfortable made my day so much more relaxed.


The 8 Groomsmen were coming from all over the country and world, Germany, Amsterdam, London, Australia, Belgium, Cape Town and Phinda, luckily for us the majority of them are Olympic Athletes (small boast) so they weren't hard to dress, but we had to choose shirts that were easy to make here and pants and shoes that were easy for them to buy wherever they were, Terrence helped so much in making a simple, trendy and comfortable outfit that just worked so well with the dresses.


Our ceremony was held outside, under a huge oak tree right on the river, with a pergola my dad welded and my and Wade's mom had decorated, it was the most memorable 20min of my life. Having my dad walk me down the isle and seeing Wade there will be one of my most treasured memories forever. 


Knot Just Pics (Andy and Szerdi Photography) were the easiest decision we made, we loved Andy and Szerdi when we 'met' them on Skype, their editing style suited our wedding and their pictures are just so magical. We spent hours combing through their blog getting more and more excited for our special day.


Dane our videographer has been a friend and a long time customer at my restaurant. He's one talented guy, the video short he sent us is so emotional and so beautifully shot. You need to check out his website!

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Videography: Forman Wedding Films | Dress: Terrence Bray | Jewellery: Michelle Robyn Jewellery | Shoes: BluBetty | Venue: Nonnins Farm, Family Farm | Caterer: Andrew Draper | Stationery: Coffee Creative Studio

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