Our main aim here at Rock My Wedding is to tell you that you can get married in whatever way you please - whether for you that means hiring a huge castle in the countryside and filling it with flowers, finding a field in the middle of nowhere and DIYing the hell out of all of your decor, or an intimate ceremony, followed by a stroll around the streets of London - like in this super stylish inspiration shoot. We always love featuring shoots with fabulous fashion, flowers and bridal beauty looks and this shoot delivers in all of those places. The dress by Spanish brand Otaduy is just gorgeous, and they happen to have recently opened a store in London, which is great news for us British brides. We're also massive fans of that jacket in white, buttery soft leather! A stylish and contemporary alternative to a more traditional cover up. The fact that the Groom looks equally as fabulous as the Bride is also a winner as far as we're concerned. We know from reading your reports that not all of the boys want to wear a suit and why on earth should they?! If they want braces, cut off trousers and bowties then that's what they shall have!
Eli the Stylist: "The Urban Wedding" took place through the charming streets of Shoreditch. Moreover we have the protagonists of this story; they don't want to conform to traditions. However they still dream on their day, but in their own way and faithful to their personality. "The Urban Wedding" wants to be natural, offbeat, authentic and sophisticated in the eclectic and trendy neighbourhood that is Shoreditch in London. The wedding outfit and how they proclaim their love for always are some of the details that make that inspirational editorial unique and special. We wanted to escape of the traditional wedding outfits to make it more personalised. The bride wears a dress made up of two pieces and wrap up with a fancy leather white jacket of the same brand as the wedding dress, Otaduy. We love the touch that it brings the original and gorgeous headpieces trying to avoid the common flower crowns that we used to see nowadays. The groom is wearing a handmade shirt and a cool bow tie that it matches perfectly with the place (graffiti model). Finally, they put together their love in a padlock instead of the wedding rings in a meant place, where it was the first kiss. This inspirational editorial pretend to seem like a real wedding with all the steps like the preparations on the house, pictures of the couple walking through the streets, the special moment of the first look and later on go through the significant place to proclaim their love with a padlock. The Urban Wedding talks about love in their essence, in the way that you are without any protocol, with your own rules and ways to declare your love for always. Just feel the way you feel, be just how you are and don't mind about what is surrounding you because the most important thing is invisible to your eyes, your love.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Dress: Otaduy | Flowers: The Wild Fox | Bowtie: Le Colonel Moutarde | Shirt: Santamaria Camiseros | Headpieces: Ann-Marie Faulkner | Hair & Make Up Artists: Nadia & Zara at Portraits Bridal | Coordination & Styling: The Wedding Dreamer

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