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I have always been driven by the story of people and the capture of moments that go beyond the obvious. My cameras have always been my passport to me being involved in peoples lives I don’t know and places I have never been. I love journeys, to live creatively, bear witness to life in places and moments with people that will ultimately define who they are, who they are going to be on the most important of days. I am definitely not for everyone but will work super hard for the ones I am for 🙂

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Information about the services provided by Harrera Images are outlined below

Back Up Equipment

Everything is backed up so 2+ of everything.

Engagement Shoot

As part of every package if i can- included in the price.

Full Day Coverage

Most weddings i shoot i am at for 12-13 hours ish often more. there is no limit really but i only really tend to shoot full days. Sometimes mid week i am more flexible.

Photo Printing

I print everything by hand and have a specialist team including a master printer of alternative print processes. Any type of printing can be undertaken and advice given as well if we are not the best people to do the job.

Pre-Wedding Consultation

Yes ! skype, chat, meet up if you like. whatever you like i am up for ,

Pre-Wedding Venue Visit

Yes , hopefully I aim to visit the venue if possible for every wedding.

Prices Starting From

Saturday – £1750
Midweek – From £1000

Second Shooter Available

I work with a team of a few photographers. I shot press for 12 years so normally my second shooters are editoral photographers that i have worked with before.

Shoots on Digital

I love a grainly film like look to my work. Something timeless. 95% of my work is digital. I worked for several years with film and still shoot and scan film though if needed.

Shoots on Film

Yeah, i love film. I shoot on several formats and experimental processes.

120,35mm, large and medium format and wet plate in the past.

Very interested in shooting weddings with film.

Wedding Albums

Yeah, can sort out a few different styles.

Willing to Travel

I have shot weddings in 16 countries. I am trying my best to shoot as much as i can in devon and cornwall where i live but travel anywhere for the right folks:)

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