Floral maxi dresses are just everywhere right now and I absolutely love them. Ever since Adele rocked one in her video for 'Send My Love' I've been swooning over the bold print. In fact I'm currently on the hunt for one for a very exciting wedding coming up in just a few short weeks... It will probably come as no surprise to you that this trend is being fully embraced by the bridal world too, many leading designers have at least one floral dress in their 2017 collection. So when this stunning shoot popped into our submissions platform, I was sold after looking at the first image. The gown by Anna Fucà is just divine and looks incredible in the setting of a beautifully styled Tuscan treehouse. Prepare to swoon lovelies, even if you'd never wear a print wedding dress, you can't deny that this whole shoot is simply stunning!

The Inspiration

This work was born from the inspiration of the Casa Barthel treehouse and the colours of Anna Fuca’s magnificent handmade fabrics. The whole project is the inspiration for the stunning Tuscan landscape, surrounded by gentle hills and harmonious lights. The gown colours stand out the poetry of place and the detail of the floral arrangement has such emotion. We hope you’ll enjoy this work as much as we do.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Wedding Planner: Allegra Guidici | Dress: Anna Fuca | Venue: Casa Barthel via Airbnb | Table Settings: Desinare | Stationery: The Wedding Letters | Florist: Jardin Divers | Hair & Make Up: Cherie Spisso

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