Whether you're a fan of this holiday or not, we can guarantee you're going to adore this untraditional valentines wedding. With bold colours, a modern edge, and a whole lot of fun, this shoot is as enticing as they come. Recommended venue The Shack Revolution served as the perfect blank canvas for the photographer and stylist to bring their alternative vision to life. The bride's dainty, feminine veils, made by Recommended supplier Rebecca Anne Designs, juxtaposed perfectly with the rest of her edgier look. And can we hear a little commotion for that gorgeous stationery? We've got heart eyes for those heart-shaped invites, and for the masterful creator - Recommended supplier You Me Oui

Stunning valentines wedding with pops of colour and edgy accents

We wanted bright pinks and reds throughout the shoot, with heart-shaped accents. We created a sustainable meadow-style arrangement. The colours were a mix of light and shade, with bright red colour pops and softer pink and lilac tones.

Marilyn Denise Photography

Valentines wedding shoot

Making a valentines wedding pop isn't the easiest feat, but this shoot absolutely nailed it. Deciding to go for a more unorthodox approach with bold colours, edgy accents, tonnes of fun and warm, cosy lighting was a fantastic shout. The Shack Revolution was a great choice. Their 'blank canvas' approach to weddings allows for personality and quirks to really shine through in every little crevice. The industrial, romantic feel it possesses is a beautiful contradiction in itself, and ties in perfectly with the theme of the shoot. The warmer tones of the exposed brick complimented the reds and pinks of the styling to a T, giving all of the photos even more cohesion.


In line with the edgier vibe of the shoot, the stylist and photographer were adamant about keeping the bride's tattoos on show, so they made sure the dresses did that. And... that they did! The gowns paired with the heart glasses nailed the vibe completely. The bride's alternative look didn't stop at her clothes and tats - with a bold matte pink and peach eye, accentuated with smoky liner, and paired with a bold red lip. Wanting to finish off the look with some pops of sparkle and fun, they added gems to her hair. The groom's long, luscious hair combined with skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt and Vans also tied in brilliantly with the juxtaposing themes of the valentines wedding shoot.

Everything in this valentine wedding shoot combined together for a beyond-gorgeous result 

When picking this team, it was really important to me that I worked with suppliers that I trusted in endless amounts. I knew I could give each and every one of them free reign. I also knew that they would create a consistent theme across the board. When picking suppliers for your own real wedding, I feel it is important to have this level of trust with who you decide to book. This day was an absolute blast and I'd recommend these suppliers to everyone who's in the planning stage.

Marilyn Denise Photography

I'll need some heart sunglasses of my own after obsessing over this shoot. As mentioned, The Shack Revolution really made the shoot come alive. If you want the same for your wedding, our roundup of unusual wedding venues has lots of incredible inspiration. If the veils were checking your boxes, then our article on the ultimate guide to wedding veils will get you started on your planning journey. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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