Oh. Em. Gee. This vibrant wedding inspiration. Let us all take a moment to collect ourselves… ok, we’re ready. Inspired by Pop Art, Comics and Tarantino, this incredible inspiration takes place on the beautiful Lake Como. We’re unsure what is more gorgeous; the colourful bouquets, the perfect pink bridal gown, or the romantic Italian destination. We feel as though we’ve stepped right through the looking glass and into glorious technicolour… if you need us, we’ll be sourcing a Vespa and a pink gown… and also a trip to Lake Como.

Vibrant wedding inspiration with Pop Art and Comics influence

We have created the rock and modern version of an ancient and romantic Italian tradition: the Fuitina.

Sinfonia Wedding

Modern icons can enter the world of wedding, transform it and merge with the atmosphere of the gala. We want to show how essential elements can dress modern clothes and be in step with the times. A fundamental point that inspired us during this shoot is to ensure everything you see could be recreated for a real wedding.

Sinfonia Wedding

This inspiration just goes to show that it is possible to add colour to your big day! Be bold, bright and beautiful - you won’t regret it.

Our couple chose Lake Como because it is a timeless icon of romance and style. The ceremony takes place in front of a mural created especially for them - which will remain there forever to remember their special day.

Sinfonia Wedding

If this vibrant wedding inspiration is something you may be looking to recreate on your special day, then don’t go anywhere. Take a look at this gloriously colourful folk art wedding at Chiddingstone Castle, complete with flower crows you’ll be dreaming about for days. Or how about this stunning multicultural wedding? With possibly the most stylish couple you have ever laid your eyes on… 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Videographer: Sara Canducci | Wedding Planner & Designer: Sinfonia Wedding | Florist: Riccardo Ciceri Flower Designer | Mural: Zetart | Location: Lido Di Lenno | Wedding Gown & Grooms Attire: Carlo Pignatelli | Bridal Party Dress: Atelier | Furniture: Privitera | Table Set: Table Set Rentals | Wedding Cake: Valentina Ronsisvalle | Jewellery: Pisa Diamanti | Female Model: Amina Roveda | Male Model: Daniele Ciulla | Celebrant: Manuel Crivelli

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