A little bit of escapism for your Sunday afternoon... I love this inspiration shoot, it's fun, a little eccentric and fully embraces it's theme - well go big or go home we say, and we're fully on board with it! The idea is a fresh take on Sleeping Beauty and it unfolds at the magical Pazo de Lourizan in Galicia, Spain, which is filled with crumbing walls, elegant stairways and an abundance of glorious blooms and botanicals. There are also lots of twinkling lights, some gorgeous dresses and beautiful hair and make up looks. The whole thing is just enchanting, the kind of place you'd conjure up as a child playing Princesses. Very much like a wedding day then ;) Enjoy this pretty shoot, and if you're looking for more inspiration shoots to lose yourself in, visit the Wedding Ideas tab above.
Jimena the Photographer: "Waiting for Nothing" is an editorial inspired by Sleeping Beauty. The action takes place in a castle, where a princess pricks her finger on a spinning wheel fulfilling a curse. She then falls into a deep sleep but, unlike the fairy tale, she wakes up to find herself alone...everyone in the castle is much time has gone by? The princess is by herself in the castle, where days...months...and years go by!  She is a desperate princess who has lost track of time and is deeply bored. We have tried to convey this loneliness that has a hint of madness. She laughs in despair, so she won't forget laughter. Wearing a wedding dress, she walks alone in the woods waiting for her prince to arrive. The wedding banquet is ready or rather, abandoned. She has a bird for least she has someone to talk to. Everyday she waits for her prince, and she wants to look beautiful. Even though she no longer has maids and her hair is always tangled, she is still pretty and charming even so. What does the future hold for the beautiful princess?
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Costume Design: Oh Que Luna | Decor: El Sofa Amarillo | Flowers: Maria Salazar | Hair & Make Up: Nieves Timor | Lighting Direction: Jorge Colomer | Lighting: Farfalla | Venue: Pazo de Lourizan | Headpiece: Le Toquet | Planning & Styling: Rodolfo Mcartney
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