What is a wedding content creator? A wedding content creator is a supplier you hire to capture all the candid behind the scenes moments of your wedding day that won’t make it into your polished wedding photos or videos. An additional service to a photographer and videographer, a wedding content creator can give you raw footage and fun edited videos ready for social media just 24 hours later! So you'll have some incredible memories to relive straight away.


Wedding content creators are more popular amongst celebrities as the urgency to get their wedding out to their audience quickly is high on their priority list. Iconic celeb weddings from 2023 including Sophie Habboo and Jaimie Laing’s and Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s weddings used wedding content creators! The effect was incredible! We explore the main benefits of wedding content creators, pricing, popular content and more from one of our incredible Recommended Suppliers, The Social Wedding, and more amazing experts and content creators, Social Brides Club and Bridal Bestie Club. Huge shout out to you guys for your incredible insight and knowledge!

What exactly is a wedding content creator? How can you find your wedding content creator? We’ve got all the answers you need! 

A wedding content creator is not a replacement for photographers and videographers but an additional service to capture the memories of your wedding day. 

Jamie - The Social Wedding

1. What does a content creator do at a wedding?

Bridal Bestie Club: I’m there to capture every detail of your big day, from getting ready with your bridesmaids in the morning to your guests chatting at the reception, those first special moments with your new husband or wife and everything in between. Having me at your wedding means your family and friends can put down their phones and enjoy the day too, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be there to snap everything they usually would. Think of me as an extra bestie!

Social Brides Club: A wedding content creator will capture hundreds of videos and photos so that newlyweds can instantly relive their wedding day! I tell couples to think of us as their personal phone camera for the day. Couples will receive a huge gallery of high-quality mobile footage and photos, all while guests stay phone-free. We work alongside your photographer and videographer to capture all of the candid behind-the-scenes of your wedding day and deliver it within 24 hours. 

2. How much does a wedding content creator cost?

The Social Wedding: Packages start at £549. All packages include all raw content along with a number of edited highlights and/or TikToks ready for you to share.

Social Brides Club: This can vary depending on what is included in the service, as well as how experienced the content creator is. We focus on providing a luxury service within the wedding industry and packages start from £595 for our smallest package, while full-day coverage begins at £995. 

Bridal Bestie Club: I have a range of packages, starting from £450, but all content creators vary in price.

3. What is the difference between a videographer and a content creator at a wedding?

Bridal Bestie Club: I give you unlimited, unedited photos and videos which are already formatted for social media. A videographer delivers a beautifully crafted, six-minute-plus video of your wedding, whereas I send you hundreds of smaller clips from throughout the day with the real sound, something that helps you really get an essence for everything that was going on. 

The Social Wedding: I explain to couples that a photographer will take the photos you will put above your mantelpiece or in a photo album, a videographer will capture a curated cinematic film that you can view on a big screen, while a wedding content creator captures all of the raw moments that happen throughout the day formatted for social media that you can download and share the very next day. It is important to note that a wedding content creator is not a replacement for photographers and videographers but an additional service to capture the memories of your wedding day. 

Social Brides Club: Wedding content creation is a very different service from wedding videography. Videographers will typically deliver a cinematic edit, which contains the overall highlights of the day with music overlayed. Typically, couples will wait 3-6 months to receive this because the editing takes a lot of time. The key difference with content creation is that all of the raw footage is delivered in 24 hours with the original audio. The edits we deliver are up to 1 minute long and are in a 16:9 format ideal for sharing on Instagram and TikTok. 

4. How soon will the wedding photos and videos be ready?

Bridal Bestie Club: I aim to get all footage to the couple the very next day. As a 2023 bride myself, I loved being able to go through everything we were sent the very next afternoon. It really helps keep that magical feeling alive.

The Social Wedding: Your wedding day can go by so fast and you want to stay in your wedding bubble for as long as possible so images, videos and highlights are shared within 24 hours of your wedding day.

5. How will social media wedding content be delivered?

The Social Wedding: Content will be shared via a Dropbox file along with ‘The Social Wedding Content Guide’ helping you to get the most out of your content on social media. 

Social Brides Club: We deliver our content via an online folder that can be viewed on the mobile app or desktop. Content can be viewed or downloaded individually or the entire folder can be saved. 

Bridal Bestie Club: All my content gets delivered to you via Dropbox. I organise everything into folders to make it all easy to scroll through and relive your day.

6. What sort of content is the most popular?

Social Brides Club: Most of our couples want to prioritise candid moments rather than staged TikTok trends, for them it’s all about capturing the raw emotions, behind the scenes and the moments just as they happened. Couples love seeing all of the raw footage and compilation highlight videos are most requested, these give an overview of the day in a way that reflects their personality. 


The Social Wedding: The majority of couples want to capture raw footage, as they want to see real-life raw moments of their wedding day and capture memories that they can treasure forever. There are lots of couples that also like to create fun TikToks with transitions like a ‘before and after’ of getting ready and fun dances with their bridesmaids.

7. What are the benefits of hiring a content creator?

Bridal Bestie Club: Having a content creator at your wedding creates a totally unplugged feeling on your big day. This means there won’t be any pesky mobiles popping up in your professional pictures. The footage we capture is with you the very next day, meaning you have hundreds and hundreds of photos and videos to scroll through while you wait for your professionals to do their thing.


Social Brides Club: There is no limit to the amount we will capture and we will deliver all of the raw footage. We are focusing on the behind-the-scenes candid moments that might not make it into a wedding film. Professional photos and videos can take up to 6 months to be delivered, whereas all of our content is sent within 24 hours. It’s not just about social media, it’s about having a full gallery to relive the day instantly. 


The Social Wedding: The main benefit of hiring a wedding content creator is that the couple and their guests get to stay phone-free and in the moment the whole day. Wedding content creators are professional, skilled individuals who capture memories for couples that can be treasured forever without having to rely on bridesmaids/guests who can often forget.

Meet the beautiful faces behind the camera!

A wedding content creator gives you another way to make incredible memories at your wedding

It’s not just about social media, it’s about having a full gallery to relive the day instantly. 

Lauren - Social Brides Club

Have you decided a wedding content creator is for you? You’ll still need to find a wedding photographer! Here are some questions to ask your wedding photographer to ensure you’ve found the perfect match. Obviously, you can use social media after your wedding to share all your gorgeous photos, but it’s a super handy tool to use before as well! Take a look at all our top tips for planning your wedding using social media

A special thank you to Jamie from The Social Wedding, Lauren from Social Brides Club, and Nikki from Bridal Bestie Club for sharing their incredible talent and knowledge with us! 

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