We asked wedding DJ and Recommended Supplier, The Boombox UK, to participate in our A Day In The Life series! This week, we wanted to know all about what a wedding DJ actually gets up to day to day. We discuss pricing, how far in advance you need to book them, and what DJs wish you knew! The Boombox UK are a Kent-based wedding entertainment and DJ team that provides the ultimate party. Are you interested in becoming a wedding DJ? Learn from the best with top advice on the skillset you need, and how to stay inspired. It was so amazing getting to know our talented Recommended Supplier, The Boombox UK, we can’t wait any longer to share this with you! Let’s go!

11 a day in the life questions with wedding DJ, The Boombox UK!

1. How did you become a wedding DJ?

I was inspired by my late Uncle Farai and my Cousin Angel who were my biggest DJ inspirations, as well as my Father who was always musical and played in a band. He also sub-contracted DJs for events back in Zimbabwe when he was younger. So, I was introduced to music and DJing at quite a young age. My late Uncle and Cousin would let me borrow their DJ equipment to practice, and the rest is history!

2. What does an average day in the life of a wedding DJ look like?

We always start the day by checking emails, responding to customers, sending out contracts, planning our social media posts etc. We then usually double-check the bookings we have that day and also those coming throughout the week or over the weekend. Amongst the Team, we plan out who is setting up at different venues, who will be DJing, and all the finer details. I usually have busy evenings doing Zoom calls with couples in the run-up to their big day, to not only finalise the details but also it's a great way to introduce myself and Boombox to them. It's busy, but we love it!

3. How far in advance should couples book you/enquire with you?

We encourage customers to get in touch well in advance - most of our bookings are 2 years in advance. Some couples might be lucky if they're booking in the same year, but it's risky. 2 years in advance is ideal to avoid disappointment.

We really hate turning couples away, but we get booked up super quickly and don't often get cancellations. If we do have cancellations on dates where we've previously turned away other couples, we do our best to keep track and get in touch in case they might still be in need of a wedding DJ.

4. What is the skill set required to be a wedding DJ?

Personality, charisma and the energy you ventilate to the guests when you're playing are absolutely crucial as they feed off of your vibe. It's not just about being good at knowing what song to play next, you as an individual can make all the difference. Reading the room is also very important, knowing which type of music to play at certain times throughout the night, controlling the vibe and working under pressure. You really do need to think 5 steps ahead to keep the energy going!

5. What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a wedding DJ?

Creating lifetime memories with others on the dancefloor! We absolutely love seeing people enjoying themselves, losing themselves in the music and the moment. It's something that they will look back on and always remember as a good time!

6. What do you wish more couples knew about DJing?

A lot of people don't realise how much thought and effort goes into what the DJ is playing next and how to control the vibe of the room. The creativity of mixing 2 different songs together and when to mix them is a real skill in itself! We take pride in that we mix everything live on the night, we don't just play from a playlist, we bring the club to the event!

7. What current trends are you seeing within wedding music?

Afro-beats are popular at the moment at weddings, people are absolutely loving it. You can also never go wrong with some 80s classics!

8. How do you get inspired/get in the zone?

We ask our couples to submit their playlists at least 2 weeks before their wedding. We'll then sample them during our day-to-day, in the gym or in the car to really get a taste of what our couples are after. Especially on the journey to the event itself, which never fails to get us ready to get the dancefloor jumping. As a Team, each of our DJs are genuine huge fans of music from all genres and eras, anything music-related will always get us in the zone!

9. What are your lowest and highest price packages/options?

Our DJ set-up packages start from £650 and go up to £900.
We also have add-ons available such as light-up letters, confetti canons, and more, which would be an additional cost.

10. What advice would you give others looking to become a wedding DJ?

Go along and shadow other DJs who are very experienced and seasoned in the wedding DJing field. Not every DJ can DJ a wedding, it's a specialist skill to be able to manage all age groups and keep the dance floor busy along with dealing with pressure, reading the room, thinking ahead to what to play next and also being an approachable and friendly DJ throughout.

11. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We feel very blessed to have built this "little thing of ours", which has enabled us to meet so many different people along the way - from our wonderful couples, the excellent staff we often meet at some fantastic venues, and also other wedding suppliers who we have the pleasure of working alongside. We absolutely love what we do, we put our all into it and we hope to continue bringing positive energy to the dancefloor and creating lifetime memories with our clients!

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A massive thank you to The Boombox UK for this interview! We love shouting about our Recommended Suppliers, particularly ones that are so passionate and dedicated to making sure our couples have the best day ever! There's no doubt with The Boombox UK that your dancing feet will need some serious recovery time. Wondering what songs you might add to your wedding reception playlist? Here is our wedding reception playlist for inspiration! Knowing what music to play throughout the day and when, can be confusing. We've made it simple with our music for weddings guide!

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