Figuring out the right music for weddings is an important step in your planning journey. With the billions of songs and thousands of genres available to us, music is a fantastic way to make your ceremony more personable, and more you. A common question that arises, however, is what kind of music are you supposed to play, and when? If you've thought about this, then look no further! Today, we're going to be exploring just that. Grab your headphones, relax, and let's get your wedding music sorted!

Music for weddings - when and what should you play?

Wedding Ceremony Music

The music for weddings is dependent on what kind of ceremony you're having. Civil ceremonies, church weddings and alternative celebrations all tend to have varying numbers of songs. Usually, you'll need some music during the walk down the aisle (we'll get to that a bit later!). You'll also want a few songs during the signing of the register if you're having a civil ceremony. This is then followed by a song during the recessional, which is when the newly married couple exits. If you're having a church wedding, it's slightly different. As it is a religious ceremony, there will be more hymns involved during the congregation. Finally, if you're having an alternative wedding (i.e. a Humanist wedding), the choice is yours! The options are limitless, as there are fewer rules in place for these kinds of celebrations.

So, what about the actual music? Whether you want a DJ, a live band, a few speakers or a choir, essentially, it's up to you. But we do have some suggestions if you're struggling to choose! Piano music and string quartets are a fan favourite for ceremonies. And with good reason! Classic melodies put everyone at ease whilst simultaneously creating a romantic atmosphere. If you're not usually into this kind of music, worry not. We've got a whole article on modern wedding songs that can be performed classically - best of both worlds! We've seen lots of modern music turned classic, especially in Bridgerton. Speaking of, Bridgerton music is perfect for wedding ceremony music - a great meet in the middle if you want romantic, classical tunes that you can recognise.

Signing The Register Music

Music for weddings can be split into multiple categories. One of those categories is signing the register music. Whether you're having a civil ceremony or a religious/church wedding, the likelihood is you'll be signing some kind of register! If you're having a civil or humanist ceremony, the options are fairly limitless - but in most cases, the songs you choose must refrain from anything religious. By this, we mean prayer, hymns, heaven, etc. Of course, it always depends on where your wedding is taking place, and who your celebrant is. So, if in doubt - check with them! If you're opting for a church wedding, it's always best to check with the priest/parish, just to make sure there aren't any restrictions. Having songs that work well as background music whilst getting your guests excited for the celebrations to begin is what you're aiming for. Lighthearted, happy songs that people will know. Think "Here Comes The Sun" by the Beatles, "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, and "We've Only Just Begun" by the Carpenters.

Music For Weddings - Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

Undeniably, one of the most emotional moments of a wedding is walking down the aisle. This sets the tone for your ceremony, and there's rarely a dry eye in the house. As we've mentioned, music is emotional and incredibly personal. So the songs you choose should be a reflection of you, your relationship, and how you're feeling. Easier said than done, we know. That's why we've got an entire specially curated playlist just for this moment. Whether you go for acoustic, piano, a throwback tune, chart toppers, songs from films, alternative, classic or epic songs, we've got you covered. You and your partner will remember this moment forever - and you'll remember the song forever, too. Pick wisely!

Wedding Reception Music

Music for weddings isn't just played in the ceremony itself - the reception's got to have some tunes, too. Less daunting, perhaps, than choosing music for the aisle or the register signing, but important nonetheless. You want to keep you and your guests in good spirits, filled with love and happy vibes all around. Whether you prefer pop songs, classic 80s ballads, or slower songs, our uplifting wedding reception playlist has got it all. Whatever genre you prefer, your guests will be bopping away in no time. Trust us!

First Dance Songs

Ah, the first dance. Expressing the love and unity of the newly married couple, this wedding moment is a cult classic and unforgettable. Choosing the right music, then, is also very important. Your choice for this moment should be symbolic for the two of you. Something significant and sentimental. Most importantly, it should be special to you two, and no one else. Unlike other moments of the wedding where you should keep your guests in mind, this is just for the two of you. Whether it's Billie Eilish or Billie Holliday, choose something for you. Thanks to our lovely readers of Rock My Wedding, we were able to compile a huge list of first dance songs, broken down into three sub-sections. Romantic, upbeat, and classic. There's also a fantastic playlist just for this, surprise surprise...

Music For Weddings - Party Songs

To finish off, we've got party. After a long and beautiful day, the wedding party allows for you and your guests alike to truly unwind, have fun, and bust some pretty cool moves. This is arguably the easiest part of the wedding to plan the music for. That's because there doesn't really have to be any sentimental value to any of the songs, you just want people grooving along! Have a think of which songs will get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor, singing along, and potentially getting involved in some dance battles. If you're still feeling a bit stuck, you guessed it, we've got a playlist for your party. Thank us later.

Don't settle for just the best day of your life - go all out and have the best music, too. As always, we're here to help with that. We've got loads of other playlists on our Spotify, sorted by genre. Whether you prefer indiepopdiscorock, or hip hop, there's a playlist for you. For more audio goodness, we've also got an episode dedicated to wedding party playlists over on our podcast. Finally, if you're struggling with choosing how to choose a live wedding band, fear not. We've got just the ticket!

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