Feeling a little peckish? Well, a little wedding food trends article couldn't hurt, right?

With 250,000 weddings taking place in the UK each year, 2020 was the year that put a great big delay on all of those “I dos”.  Planning couples everywhere have largely had to sit tight and wait to see what 2021 brings.

So, in the hope for a brighter year ahead, we’ve been looking at food trends for future food menus! One of our incredible Recommended Suppliers, Caviar & Chips Catering, got their team of expert chefs together and looked into their fortune-telling mixing bowls to create some delicious wedding food, with awesome results. 

Not only are Caviar & Chips about to make our mouths water, but they also opened a brand new venue (in the middle of a pandemic - incredible). Head over to Stockton House if you fancy a little sneak peek! And, if it tickles your tastebuds (ha), couples can organise virtual viewings over video call - so your planning can continue during these unusual times.

About Recommended Supplier Caviar & Chips

Caviar & Chips are award-winning bespoke caterers and have been short-listed for national wedding caterer of the year for the second year running. With an exclusive residency at Walcot Hall in Shropshire, catering as a preferred supplier at another 20 venues around the UK and now opening their own exclusive wedding venue, Stockton House, you can safely say; the team at Caviar & Chips know a thing or two about weddings. Oh, and they own a 16th century pub restaurant in Warwickshire called the Virgins & Castle.

2021 Wedding Food Trends 

Caviar & Chips have taken 100 of their bespoke menus, and are giving us a sneak peek at the trends emerging in the world of wedding food (eurgh, we’re hungry already).  So, when you can have whatever you want to eat….what do you choose? We’ll hand you over to Co-founder and Executive Chef, Jonathan Carter-Morris. Oh and you can pin the info graphic at the bottom of the post too!

Wedding canape ideas

“Serving canapés at a drinks reception is a great way to get guests mingling and breaking the ice.  There aren’t many better conversation starters than the sight and taste of delicious food at the beginning of the celebrations.

As for what our most popular canapés are, it looks like we’ll be making a lot of Arancinis this year, as they appear on a quarter of our menus! We also see a lot of Pork Belly and Mini Yorkshire puddings with Beef. And, of course a classic Salmon Blini.  We do see some surprises and extravagant ingredients in the canapés too though. One wedding will be enjoying Swordfish Carpaccio, another Yakitori Chicken and one couple have swapped canapés for a whole leg of Parma Ham to be carved and served with Manchego Cheese.”

Do you love food chat?

Jonathan joined Becky on the podcast to talk all about wedding catering. They talked about all things food from how to book a caterer to making the most of your menu.



“Many of our clients want to create menus they’ve enjoyed on holidays and shared with friends, creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere on their wedding day.

By far the most popular starter course is a sharing style charcuterie board. Ingredients like Parma Ham, Mortadella, Salami, Cheeses and then seasonal ingredients like Asparagus or Artichokes - all served together on sharing boards that guests can pass around the table and help themselves.

We still have some classic starters like soup, Goat’s Cheese and salads, but much like canapés, we’ll also be serving some really personal, favourite dishes of our clients. Such as Marinated Vegetable Bao Buns or a King Prawn and Atlantic Shrimp Salad.

For the main course we often hear our clients saying to us that they want everyone to be full, having enjoyed something they probably couldn’t order in a restaurant. We still get the staple ingredients such as Beef and Chicken being the centrepiece to the dish. Vegetarian and vegan clients are also enjoying a lot of variety on their menus too!”

And For Your Dessert…

“For the dessert course, we love the chocolate versus fruit debate, and it never ceases to surprise us how often one of our clients is a chocoholic and the other prefers fruit and cream dessert. Out of the 100 menus we looked at, 54% had chocolate as the main dessert ingredient, but I’m still not expecting that debate to be concluded!

Lots of our clients are taking advantage of having choice and serving their guests a duo or trio of desserts - especially when they can’t make their mind up themselves!”

Oh, Don’t Forget The Fusion Menus!

“When it comes to fusion menus, we’re often asked if we can incorporate cuisines from around the world and make different dishes work together. Our most popular style of fusion cuisine this coming year is going to be Greek food. 

Going into the evening food we see a big demand for street-food inspired menus. Many of our clients will also be inviting additional guests to the evening party, so they will be enjoying dishes like Paella, Fish & Chips, Pizza and Cheeseboards.”

So, let’s say a little prayer for a year full of wedding planning, I-do’s, and delicious catering. 

You can pin the graphic below to your wedding food Pinterest board too.

Now, since we’re officially hungry, we’re off to find some food… 

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