What do grooms really think about wedding planning? In this episode, Becky is joined by RMW team member Alice and her new husband Ben where they chat about all things wedding planning from the groom's perspective.

From divvying up tasks and admitting your weaknesses to controlling your nerves and creating a whole host of amazing memories; Ben talks us through their day from his point of view. 

Wedding Planning For Grooms

Find out what a wedding Wednesday is and how to take the stress out of that all-important shopping trip to find the perfect suit. Ben also talks us through having frank and upfront chats with family members in order to maintain peace throughout the process. You will absolutely love how he tells the story of the best day of his life. He has such enthusiasm, is really articulate and has some cracking tales to tell so we hope you love this episode as much as we loved recording it.

You can check out Alice and Ben’s gorgeous Nancarrow Farm wedding here. Shot by the ever-talented Ross Talling.


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Episode 15

Wedding Planning From The Groom's Persepctive

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