The original and most trusted Audio Guest Book company transforms vintage 1970s rotary telephones into luxurious, bespoke guest books. Offering a charming way to record loved ones' voices forever.


Do we need a phone line?

No, just a standard 13amp socket :)

Do you ship abroad?

We currently only ship around the UK & Ireland. However, we are constantly evolving and looking into shipping Audio Guest Books to the rest of Europe.

Is it battery-powered?

No, you will need to plug the Audio Guest Book into a standard socket.

Is there a limit on how many recordings the Audio Guest Book can hold?

No record away!

When will I received my Audio Guest Book?

You will receive your Audio Guest Book no later than 2 days before your event.

Can I unplug and move the Audio Guest Book to another location?

Yes! Just leave for 1 min after it’s plugged into the new location to warm back up! ":)

Where should I put the Audio Guest Book at my venue?

As a rule of thumb…we recommend placing the Audio Guest Book in a location you could comfortably have a phone conversation.


"We ordered an audio guest book for our wedding and we're thrilled with it."

Abby Cochrane

"So well organised, arrived perfectly packaged and easy to return."

Beth Edmonds

"All our guests were really impressed and said it was such a great touch rather than having a regular guestbook."

Aiden Oliver

"Decided to have the audio guestbook on our wedding, as it just seemed a lot more personal, and can honestly say it was the best decision we made"


We are so happy we chose Audio Guest Book! Everything was super easy and they are very communicative. The delivery and set up of the phone is straight forward and we were so pleased our guests loved it. We enjoyed listening back to the messages, they made us laugh and cry! They send you the digital versions and then a nice memory stick. Would highly recommend :)

Angel Ambrose

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