Having guests sign the wedding guest book is still a tradition favoured by many couples on their wedding day, but what hasn't remained the same is the use of good old fashion pen and paper. Brides and grooms are now thinking up more innovative and interactive ways to encourage their guests to leave them a message. We've rounded up the best of the best alternative guest book ideas from our real wedding features. You're welcome.


Alternative Guest Book {Wooden}

With the ever increasing rise of rustic and bohemian weddings comes the ever increasing use of natural and wooden decor. First came the rugged tree slice, and now we see all manner of carefully crafted wooden items available for your guests to sign. For those who love a good puzzle, the heart jigsaw available from, recommended supplier, The Wedding of My Dreams couldn't be more perfect, and for those who favour games, Jenga not only provides the ultimate entertainment, but also the perfect blank canvas for writing individual messages.

Alternative Guest Book {Leave a Message}
If you have an item you love or wish to keep on display after your big day don't be afraid to ask your guests to sign it. The adorable, blank wooden bench is a particularly good idea, and will perfectly fit within your home providing you with a lovely trip down memory lane every time you sit upon it. For the music lovers amongst us we've seen instruments graced with heartfelt messages, not to mention globes for avid travellers, and for all those vintage weddings you can't beat an old fashioned typewriter.
Alternative Guest Book {Fingerprint}

Dearest friends of mine had an adorable fingerprint tree as their alternative guest book, which is now lovingly hung within their house as not only a gorgeous piece of artwork but a lovely reminder of their day. I've seen many a design including leaves and balloons, with the fingerprint ink complementing the wedding colour scheme or its chosen hanging spot. The possibilities are endless.

Top tip: Provide guests with wipes to remove any unwanted paint residue from their fingers.

Have you been inspired to ditch the pen and paper and opt for a more creative way to capture your guest's names and well wishes? 

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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