ECLECTIC STRINGS (formerly The Dotted Crotchets) are a unique and exciting String Quartet/Trio that provide unforgettable live music - Pop, Rock, R&B, Folk, Heavy Metal, Classical... we've got it all!


Do we get to choose the playlist?

Yes of course! You can view our huge (1200+) song list here - If we’re performing for your ceremony we will ask you to choose 1 song for your entrance, 3 songs for the signing of the register and 1 song for your exit. For church ceremonies we can also accompany the hymns if required. For pre-ceremony, drinks reception and/or meal, we recommend picking 15-20 songs per hour.

Can you learn a song that is not on your list?

Absolutely. New songs are £25 each and can be confirmed 5 weeks before the wedding along with your other song choices.

Can you play outside?

Our musicians are able to play outside as long as it is a dry day. Rain and wooden instruments don’t mix! Equally, if there is bright sunshine they will require shade to protect the delicate varnish on the instruments. The shade can be from anything, usually a big tree or just from a wall of the venue.

What’s the difference between the quartet and trio?

Both groups play exactly the same songs, the trio just has one less violin. If your budget allows then we recommend opting for the quartet, but if not - the trio sounds just as impressive. Head over to our YouTube channel to listen to some examples from both groups.


I took a bit of a risk and asked them to learn an alternative song for me to walk down the aisle, they pulled it off perfectly.

Amy + Dafydd

They were fantastic, the first time I heard them was walking down the aisle and it was just beautiful.

Heleyna + Ryan

Walking down the aisle to a string trio was a dream come true, and everyone loved our eclectic song choices from your very fulsome list.

Matthew + Stephanie

The String Quartet performed at our wedding and were INCREDIBLE! We loved how they didn’t have to be your traditional string quartet if you didn’t want them to be, and their repertoire is amazing!

Laura + Alastair

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