Fineshade Studios are a husband and wife team who specialise in bespoke wedding photography and videography. 'The duo capture weddings with a playful and elegant style' British Vogue


What is your style on the day?

WE like to be super discreet and let the day unfold with as little interruption from us as possible. This is the same whether our couples book us for just videography or for photography too. We are unobtrusive and really love a documentary style; this is where the magic is! We do like to take our couple away for portraits at 1-2 points in the day but we will have a look at your schedule and fit around that. If a couple want some formal shots, we recommend no more than 10-12 because nobody wants to spend all day in a line-up when you could be off having fun with your nearest and dearest!

What is your most popular package?

Our most popular package is definitely the full house! We most frequently get booked for photography AND videography and we love this! We definitely make our best products when we work together in this way. Makes sense right? We know each other well, we take time to get to know you before the day and that is the winning formula. And our clients end up with a wonderful cohesion across all of their wedding products - and less suppliers to liaise with/get to know in the run up to your day! Familiar and comfortable with each other. WINNING!

What if I can't decide on the right package for us?

That is no problem at all! We often leave our clients to mull over their decision and take as long as they want! Our clients often like to upgrade following their event (for example, the usually shy and retiring one blows everyone away with beautiful words about their new partner for life - and then our clients suddenly realise they would really treasure than on film. So in short, get your date secure by filling out our very quick booking form, dropping over a £250 booking fee which reserves your date and our services for your day and we can handle the final details at a later date :)

I'm worried about overkill if I book a videographer too!

DO NOT FEAR! We shoot photography AND videography on the same, discreet, small (mirrorless) cameras. Our set-up for both disciplines is basically the same. We have chosen our cameras because of their excellent in-built stability so we can can move around quickly and remain discreet... which means we can be super nimble on our feet - just like a photographer!


"Danielle! We've just finished looking at our pictures and reliving the day and omg!! i don't even know where to begin...How did you get round and take so many beautiful photos of so many different people and things?!? How did you make us look so good, I have a loooong list of ones I want to get printed and framed!!! I cannot get over how insanely beautiful the photos and the editing are! And just how many you took! Also a huge thank you to Martin for the engagement shoot and making us so comfortable in front of the camera because it paid off in the photos!

Anita & Alex

Aimee: "Amazing. Tears streaming down my face whilst smiling the biggest smile. Richard is currently crying at work in the middle of London! Our girls also both cried watching it. I'm going to watch it over, millions and millions of times. " ​ Rick: "Me and my wife Aimee were married in 2018 after being together for the previous 17 years. During these years she'd had a long time to plan out the perfect day in great detail. Approaching our wedding day Aimee explained to me that she wanted to bring in a videographer to capture our day, an idea I was skeptical of as we already had a photographer booked and had spent a lot of money on the day. As always she had the final say so we booked in Fineshade Films. I'm so glad she did!!! The wedding day itself was over in a flash and having someone there to capture the memory on film was worth more to me than I can explain in words. It makes me cry every time I watch it and provides memories in a way that a photographer would not have been able to captured. In my opinion It was one of the most valuable decisions made. Danielle and Martin are so incredibly talented and you can tell they love doing the job that they do. My memories of the day definitely wouldn't have been the same without them. Get them booked!"

Aimee & Richard

OMG how lucky were we to have you at our wedding? You were amazing on the day - working so hard but making the whole day so fun and making us feel amazing. You guys made the whole experience so fun and easy, had us howling with laughter and have left us with photos and a film that I can't quite believe are possible; every single frame captured the day better than we could have imagined. Please can you follow us around every day? You guys smashed it and we are so grateful for your work.

Lara & Ant

We have just sat down and watched our feature film, celebrating with a glass of champagne! Words cannot describe how happy we are with both the video and the photos. The editing is seamless and must have taken a lot of time to prepare- we really appreciate the time you have both put in to capturing our special day so perfectly. It is so nice to see our wedding from a different perspective. The angles and shots you managed to capture were great and we loved watching every second of it. We are looking forward to getting many of the photos printed as keepsakes and have already given one as a gift. We cannot thank you enough- we are over the moon.

Rachel & Adam

​ “Cue a very emotional email. I honestly can't express how wonderful you both were on our wedding day. In my head I thought everything had to be perfect/ everything has to go to plan/ it has to be like what you see on Instagram... but I never expected to feel so overwhelmed and anxious by one morning! You were both so considerate and caring when we had to go to plan B and leave out the first looks/ bridal shots. Danielle you were straight on stand by ready to move to a documentary style to help keep me calm and wow I can't thank you enough! Nothing was ever too much of an ask and I loved seeing you move around the venue to capture aspects we wouldn't have even thought of. As if that wasn't enough you were both so understanding when we had to revise our schedule to allow me to take a quick power nap (I think more brides should do this!) but still happy to go with the flow of the day. You both made us feel so comfortable throughout our portrait shots. The preview photos so far have captured the pure love and joy we had throughout the day and have completely exceeded our expectations.”

Natalie & Josh

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