What is a sweetheart table? Who should have a sweetheart table and why? How do you decorate a sweetheart table? Do they fit with your wedding theme? We answer all these questions and more with 28 different table styles to inspire you! These tables are perfect for intimate and elopement weddings or couples that just want to spend some quality time together soaking in their special day. Avoid all that messy seating plan drama by taking away that traditional top table with a more modern alternative! So, let’s get into it!

28 sweetheart table ideas for every wedding to make you feel like total VIPs

What Is a Sweetheart Table?

A sweetheart table is exactly what it says. A table just for the sweethearts! These two-seater tables are solely for the newlyweds to sit together as an alternative to the traditional top or head table where the couple are surrounded by their closest family and members of the wedding party. They can be super simple in manner or full of florals, candles and more!

Why Should You Have A Sweetheart Table?

The main purpose of a sweetheart table is privacy and intimacy. As this table is meant just for the happy couple, it gives the two lovebirds time to catch up and soak in their wedding day. One of the most common pieces of advice we hear from our Rock My Wedding couples is that they didn't get to spend enough time with their new partner soaking in the day that's all about them! By having a sweetheart table, you'll get some time to chat and share some special time just the two of you. Also, if you have a big family with some more than complicated relationships, most of your awkward seating plan worries and stress can be thrown out of the window! Who gets to sit on the exclusive top table? Just you and your beau! There's no upsetting Great Aunt Linda this way.

What side of the sweetheart table should you sit?

In our humble opinion, it's Your Day, Your Way! So, it doesn't matter what side you sit on as long as you're having the best time and eating some delicious food. However, if you do want to follow tradition, the bride should sit on the left and the groom on the right. Then, you could seat your families on the side of the room that corresponds to their blood relation or do the opposite, let's talk seating arrangements!

Seating Arrangement Layouts

A sweetheart table may not always be ideal depending on your wedding venue. Some venues only have long banquet tables or are limited in space. Plus, you should consider if a sweetheart table coordinates with your wedding theme. If you're going for a festival vibe, perhaps you might forgo a seating arrangement completely. After all, it allows more opportunities to mingle! If you're having a traditional country house wedding, you might want to stick to all traditions, which includes having a top table. But, we personally love a sweetheart table no matter your wedding theme! With a sweetheart table backdrop of neon signs, flower columns, streamers, banners, and more, these tables make a great focal point of any seating layout. The options are endless.

Intimate Weddings and Elopements

For intimate weddings and elopements, a sweetheart table is ideal! Although there are a smaller number of guests to manage, you might find there's actually more friction with seating plans. If you're having an intimate or elopement wedding, it probably means you're super in love with each other and couldn't wait any longer to get married, don't have the budget for a big wedding, or aren't in love with the idea of being the centre of attention. A sweetheart table makes sense for all of these! They're more budget-friendly (less space to decorate), you can make gooey heart eyes at each other for the whole wedding breakfast, and you can hide away from everyone else. A perfect solution!

Peacock Chair Boho Sweetheart Tables

Finally, we've come to our favourite style of sweetheart tables. Peacock chairs are literally everything! These look like the perfect boho rustic thrones of dreams! They add just the right amount of drama, so whether you're keeping your wedding table decor quite minimalist or going extravagant, these chairs work! You can see our favourite wedding flower arrangements if you're wondering what styling you might like.

Should you have a sweetheart table? We've got all the pros and cons of this modern seating alternative

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try! We just love this modern take on the traditional wedding seating plan. Wondering how you could decorate your sweetheart table? Take a look at these 40 wedding table centrepiece ideas. Your wedding chairs are also an important feature of this modern setup as the smaller table space may mean less decor. Here is some wedding chair decoration inspiration!

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