I'm a creative and inclusive celebrant, creating unforgettable bespoke ceremonies that are as unique and vibrant as you are. Because the ceremony shouldn't be the boring formality before the party!


Are you a Humanist?

I'm an Independent Celebrant, not a Humanist. Humanists conduct strictly non-religious ceremonies and are members of Humanists UK. Independent Celebrants are often willing to include some religious elements. I chose this route because even though I am not religious myself, I understand that people's beliefs are complex and someone way not go to church or temple, but may want some religious elements for many different reasons. Your ceremony is about you and your beliefs, not me and mine.

How do Celebrants differ from Registrars?

Registrars and Celebrants offer a completely different service. Registrars ensure that all the legalities are covered, and the paperwork is signed, but there is often little personalisation involved. It's likely that you will only meet your Registrar on the day, so they won't know you. They also usually have several ceremonies on their books for the day. A Celebrant leaves the legal stuff to the Registrar, and focuses on getting to know you, often in person, writing and performing something truly personal to you. There are no legal boxes that need to be ticked in a Celebrant ceremony, so you are free to get married in any location, and make things as unconventional as you want. Want your dog to be your ring-bearer? Love that for you! Want a sing-along with all your guests to the song you first locked eyes to in that divey club in 2015? I'm in! Fancy eloping and having an intimate ceremony on top of a mountain? I'll get my hiking boots on. Also, unlike registrars, I will only ever have one ceremony on a given day, so you have my full focus on your big day!

Will the ceremony be legal?

Celebrant-led ceremonies aren't currently legal, although there are law reforms in discussion in Government at the moment which may change that. You will need to have a simple legal ceremony with a Registrar to get the legals sorted either before or after your wedding day.

How personalised can the ceremony be?

The sky is the limit honestly. As long as we're not breaking any laws then we can have a discussion about what you're thinking.

If I'm getting married abroad, can you still be my Celebrant?

Absolutely, I would love that! The fees will still stand, but any travel and accommodation will need to be covered. Let's chat!

Is there anyone you won't work with?

I love people and I get along with all different types of people. However, there might be some cases where the vibe isn't right between us or our values don't align. We are going to be working together to make your ceremony absolutely amazing, so I need to feel comfortable as much as you do. There are certain things I won't stand for, and if I get a whiff of racism, misogyny, homophobia or transphobia then I will know we are not a match.


We couldn't recommend Frances highly enough. She was there through the whole process, every step of the way. Her guidance was phenomenal. She talked us through many different options and then spoke with us to get an understanding about us an individuals and our relationship. Then on the big day, she was there and had set everything up for us, and curated the most wonderful ceremony, centred around our relationship and love story. It made us laugh, it made us cry, it was just a wonderful experience. Having someone like Frances be part of such a special day was just wonderful. We will never forget that day, and Frances made it a dream come true for us.

James & Michael

Ok I don’t think my review will do Frances justice but we’re so thankful she was part of our wedding. Not only did she help us craft THE PERFECT ceremony for us, she also wrote the most lovely script for it and had most of our guests laughing through tears the whole time - the perfect mix of lols and tissues. She helped make our day so special and unique and got on with all our friends and family there like she’d been around for years. We cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much, Frances. Signed: Your new BFFs xx

Richard & Jesse

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