Hi I’m Vix, wedding and event floral stylist, crazy in love with blooms. Bee supporter and flower grower. Obsessed with colour and all things wild. Bringing it all together to create your perfect day.


Are you sustainable?

YES! I grow as many flowers I can to put into your wedding, cutting as many of those flower miles down as possible.

Do I need to know what flowers I want?

No, that’s my job! Your flowers are about how you feel and we start working your concepts up from our very first chat.

How do I book you for my big day?

Get in touch, even if you are unsure of your theme I am happy to book your date, we can then start to work on your dream day

Do you have a minimum spend?

No, I love working with blooms and more importantly you brides. Intimate to grand days and nights

How much should I spend on flowers?

This is all about how much they mean to you. My general advise is around 10% of your overall wedding budget. This gives you everything you need, however the sky is the limit! So let’s go crazy


Thank you so much! We are currently en route to honeymoon! The flowers were so amazing - Jonny and I were both saying we didn’t even know it was possible to get such a fantastic, beautiful, varied and vibrant array of exciting flowers and the arrangements were all stunning. Everyone told us how amazing the flowers were and we were really sad to take them down this morning but we saved as many as we could! All family have at least one bunch each ❤️ xx

Johnny & Nishmi June 2021

I haven't stopped crying happy tears all day and it’s thanks to you incredible women, my flowers are just amazing! Xxxxxx

Carly & Phil

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