Sending out those all-important wedding invitations can feel a little daunting. But with a bit of research and groundwork beforehand (that's why you're here, right?), you'll be ready to go to print in no time. If you've yet to find your wedding stationer then have a look at our Recommended Suppliers. If you're ready to dive straight into the 5 things to include in your wedding invitations then keep on reading.


Date, Time & Location

We’re 100% certain these things will be first on your list to add to your invites. But hey, we’re covering all bases, just in case. Don’t forget to include the ceremony start time - it’s little things like this that can slip in all the excitement. Be sure to also include your reception venue location if it is different from the ceremony, along with the start time in case guests need to travel between venues. 



Different locations and out-of-town guests could mean a little confusion. Include a map within your invites to avoid any complications (and also questions) along with the address and postcode. We can guarantee your wedding party will seriously appreciate the heads up - it also allows them to make travel and hotel plans in advance.


Wedding Gift List

A wedding gift list really takes the awkwardness out of things. Your wedding party will genuinely want to know what to buy you, and a gift list makes that so much easier. You can provide a link, and just ensure your tone of voice is easy-breezy. If you’re struggling to know where to begin, here are our Recommended gift lists.


Plus Ones & Dress Codes

Not everyone will know what to wear to your day, and similarly, not everyone will have a plus one. Set guest's expectations of what to wear on your invitations. Will you be having a black-tie event? Or will your wedding take place in a field (so heels may be an issue)? Guests may need a heads up either way. Also, plus ones. Because, let’s face it, no one wants to hear the “Can so and so’s boyfriend who you have only met once come to the wedding?” a few weeks beforehand.



You do not want to be chasing people before your wedding day. So, make it easy. Include an RSVP card within your invitation complete with tick boxes or cross out options, along with an addressed and stamped envelope. Or, (as quite a lot is online these days) include an email address. You could also ask guests if they have any dietary requirements. It may also be worth stating a date an RSVP date, this just ensures your guests don’t assume they have all the time in the world (and you have an exact number).

If you’re struggling to know where to look, or you simply haven’t found something that takes your fancy just yet, you can find our incredible list of Recommended wedding stationery suppliers.

Remember, it’s your day, your way, so if you feel as though something should be added to your invite, then go ahead and do it. There are really no right or wrongs. We do just suggest adding the location, date & time… that one may have to be a necessity.

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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