Narrowing down your wedding guest list is always a headache, from debates about whether to invite parents friends, old friends or work friends, to that dreaded 'plus one' consideration. We're chatting all this and more on Rock My Wedding: The Podcast right now (episode two is out today, download and listen now) but to wet your whistle, here's some top tips from the whole RMW team to help narrow down your wedding guest list...

How To Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

Our operations director Lauren drew up a guest list when she got engaged to her now husband James. Then when it came to sending out the invites, they checked whether the invitee had sent them some form of congrats on their engagement, and that they had seen them in the last six months. Laura, who manages our supplier directory, The List decided to invite people who were very much a part of her and Dan's day to day life. Don't be afraid to stand your ground with relatives either - Laura and Dan were quite authoritive with family members who had opinions on the guest list. They were inviting a small number of people and wanted them all to be people who were a big part of their life. Sound advice. Amy who works with Laura on The List split the number of guests allowed during the day in to three even sections, Andy’s family, her family and friends. 'This was the easiest and fairest way of squeezing in big families and justifying that we had to draw a line.'

What About Evening Guests?

If you're unsure about asking your work colleagues, inviting them to the evening reception can be a good compromise, Lauren invited her work friends, but not their partners - 'I think it's become a lot more acceptable to not invite partners of people you haven't met.' Whereas Laura thinks if someone is married, then it's unfair not to invite them both. As does our Social Media Manager, Lorna: 'all family/friends that had long term partners whether we’d met them or not, were invited, because if your friend is important enough to invite, then it’s high time you did meet their partner, and what better place than a wedding.'

What About Plus Ones?

Plus ones can create a tricky (and possibly awkward) situation too. The best bet is to be quite firm, like our Marketing Manager Alice 'We were quite strict on plus ones, as in no one who we both hadn't met before/had recently seen. We had a few awkward conversations with people about 'can I bring XYZ' which really surprised me but I think we've been fair.' For single people with no plus ones, make sure they are sitting with people they know, and they will be happy. Lorna says 'we invited three single friends to our day, that we didn’t include plus ones for, but sat them with people they knew, and I think they were fine with it, and understood.'

This Is Great, But I'm Still Feeling Unsure...

As you can see, even amongst the RMW team, there are lots of differences of opinion. It's an area of the wedding day that is truly down to you and your other half (and quite possibly, your budget). For more chat about wedding guest list dilemmas, including what to do when you're unsure about inviting a parent, then download Rock My Wedding: The Podcast now :)

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