A few weeks back we were joined by Chenai Bukutu from By Chenai and she shared with you 12 things a wedding planner could do for you. And today she is back to tell you all why she always recommends that her couples have a wedding gift list. Chenai has teamed up with The Wedding Present Company to help couples understand the benefits of having a wedding gift list. We loved the video so much we couldn't wait to share it with you. Look out for Chenai again in a couple of weeks when she'll be sharing ways using your gifts at home - and also styling you can absolutely steal for your wedding day too!

The Benefits Of A Wedding Gift List

As a wedding planner Chenai connects her clients with the very best suppliers to suit their style and budget. The Wedding Present Company is a bespoke wedding list company where every client feels like the only client. Which is similar to the By Chenai approach. If you're not sure about getting a wedding gift list, maybe you've lived together a long time, this is where The Wedding Present Company really excels in bringing their expertise in helping you build a list that you'll love and use forever. There is such a great range available at The Wedding Present Company; from big-name brands such as OKA and The White Company to smaller independent brands like Issy Granger and Wicklewood. If there is something that you love and want to add to your list but isn't available through one of The Wedding Present Company's suppliers, you can still add this to your list and they will source it for you. You truly can have anything that you want.

Should I Have A Wedding Gift List

From experience, Chenai always advises her clients to have a wedding list. It makes the guest experience so much easier. It removes the guesswork around if you actually like the present or whether they will double up on something you already have. From a planner's perspective, it's easier not to have a present table at the wedding as it's one less thing for the couple to worry about; losing gifts or having them separated from the cards. A wedding gift list means you don't have to worry about the logistics of looking after them on your wedding day. Imagine enjoying your day without the responsibility of having to make sure all your gifts are collected. You can go away on honeymoon and come back to the delivery of all of your gifts. In Chenai's experience, a visit to the showroom is a must for any engaged couple. This is where The Wedding Present Company gets to know you and helps you create something that is uniquely yours. At your appointment you'll meet your dedicated list advisor who will be with you from the start of the process to the very end when you receive your gifts. They will also be in charge of keeping your champagne glass topped up at all times. The showroom is laid out like the rooms in a house. Arranged over two floors it is full of inspiration and it's really interactive so you can touch and feel all of your potential presents. Chenai knows, as a wedding planner, that guests would rather give you a gift than put money into a cash fund because it's a more personal contribution to your wedding celebration. If you want to talk about weddings or wedding gifting then you can get in touch with Chenai here or contact The Wedding Present Company here.

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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