Engaged? Well, congratulations! You’ve already got one thing crossed off the list. If you’re looking to plan your wedding in a quick turnaround, then our 6 month wedding planning checklist is perfect for you. How do you actually have a wedding day? Our free downloadable PDF checklist is the helping hand you need. Ultimately, this checklist is just a guide. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to wedding planning and not every step will be necessary for your wedding. However, this checklist is an excellent (if we do say so ourselves) tool for you to use to keep everything on track and ensure that no detail is forgotten. Take a look at our wedding timeline for more information on the build-up to the wedding day. 

Ready, steady, plan! We've got you sorted with this 6 month wedding planning checklist!


The Ultimate 6 month wedding checklist

Stay organised and on track with our ultimate wedding planner. All you have to do is download the PDF below and get planning!

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Keep the chaos at bay with this simple checklist to help you stay on track!

Now you have your checklist ready and armed, you can get a headstart on planning your day. Choosing your wedding venue and sorting out your wedding budget are the best places to start. If you feel like 6 months might be a little ambitious, then we also have a 12 month and an 18 month wedding planning checklist. The planning stress is a lot more manageable spread out over the year, especially if you’re planning a large wedding. 

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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