You're engaged! Well, congratulations! But let's get straight down to business. What the heck do you need to do to actually have a wedding? We're here to help with this wedding planning timeline. With a simple visual overview of the planning process and a range of individual articles that go into more detail on any specific topic you might want to know more about, we've got all your bases covered. We recommend you think of this as planning central as you go along into your exciting planning journey! We've got a PDF download of the planning timeline, too!

Your Wedding Planning Timeline



Get the difficult decisions out of the way first. Set out what you can afford to spend on the big day and what you know you're happy to splurge on. Make sure to start enquiring with venues straight away because they're always the first to get booked up. If you have a specific date you want, you've gotta get in there quickly! Next, get the guest list nailed down. This might be super easy if you're having a micro wedding or might take a lot longer if you're planning on inviting lots of extended family members and friends. Another thing to consider early on is what kind of ceremony you might like to have. Handfastinghumanistcivil...the list goes on. Don't worry! We've got an article on every single one, so you'll find what's perfect for you.


Once you've got the foundations for your day all figured out, you can start booking the magical people who will make your day come to life. Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to double-check your suppliers match the vibe you're aiming for. You might not need all of these suppliers if you're having a special DIY day or are using friends/family. BUT we do have some incredible suppliers on our curated Recommended Supplier page if you care to browse. There are so many unique ways to have a wedding cake that completely mirrors the style of your day. Anything is possible! You might even want a savoury cheese tower instead. For entertainment, consider musicspeeches and any readings you might want to have in your ceremony!


You've got most of the harder decisions out of the way at this point. But it's outfit time! What kind of wedding dress are you looking for? We've got a wedding dress guide for you just below. Looking for a dashing suit, there are also some fun suit ideas. If we linked to all our bridesmaid dress articles you'd be scrolling for a good while. But we do have a roundup of bridesmaid dresses in almost every shade to ever exist. When it comes to wedding decor we can help you with DIY decor ideaswedding lighting and even more!


You're so close to the finish line and actually enjoy the day you've been planning for weeks, months, or even years! When it comes to stationery we've got a handy checklist if you head to the link below. But we also have a list of the five signs you need for your day and some more specific table plan inspiration. For some more ceremony details, we have some words of wisdom on writing your vows and choosing rings! You might also be considering having a gift list. If so, here is our comparison of the best gift lists on offer!

Breaking down your wedding planning into a timeline is the easiest way to manage your time and budget!

Come back to this wedding planning timeline as often as you please! You can even go ahead and pop it on your Pinterest boards by clicking on the graphic. For a more detailed monthly breakdown head to our 18-month wedding planning timeline! If you're looking for any particular suppliers, here is some advice on finding the very best wedding suppliers in the industry. Your day can be anything you want with the talent on offer! Wedding planning should be fun. This whole process is about being you and having your day, your way!

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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