They say that comparison is the thief of joy which we totally agree with but when it comes to weddings, we feel like it can be the thief of self-worth.

Comparison is the thief of joy

We are continually bombarded with images of perfection. from the shiny curated grids, we see on Instagram to alleged “reality” TV. This notion of perfection and changing yourself to fit a certain mold is prevalent on every social media platform all day every day. We all know that perfection doesn’t exist and striving to meet someone else's vision of perfect, especially for your wedding day is downright unhealthy. We want to talk to you about loving yourself. If you want to make aesthetic changes to yourself that's absolutely fine but we want you to know the risks involved and we want you to know that for one day – it’s possibly not worth it. You’re making a commitment for life when you enter into a marriage and any changes you decide to undertake should be for exactly that. For a life of growing old with your partner who loves you exactly the way you are.

This episode isn’t all about aesthetics, it's about personality too. It’s about having the day you want and not being swayed by wedding trends because you think you should and your bridesmaid really likes the idea of you having a massive floral moon gate because she ‘saw it on Pinterest and everyone has one these days’ meanwhile you don’t have Pinterest and what the heck is a moon gate?! Follow your heart, follow your style and your day will be perfect.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

We should mention that we realise our Instagram feed, website and Pinterest are full to the brim of all sorts of wedding inspiration. Some which we realise people might find daunting; out of their budgets; entirely unrealistic perhaps. But we strive to share a real eclectic mix of weddings for those with budgets from 500 quid to 50 grand. We’re not here to make judgments on people's preferences, we just want to share as much as we can to help inspire you and bring out your personalities and inject them into your wedding days.

We never want any couple to think that they aren’t worthy and that they can’t possibly live up to this bonkers world of Instagram perfect weddings. We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it; all the imperfections are what lead to an utterly perfect day.

You are all amazing. Style is entirely subjective so what suits one couple won't suit another and that's fine. As long as you are in love and you’re saying your I Do’s for the right reason then that is all you will ever need.

Disclaimer: We love pampas grass – we’re just too creatively inept to make them work – if you are too but love them, get yourself an amazing florist to make your dreams come true.

Check out the weddings below. From elopements to beach festivals, these couples really had their days their way. Drawing inspiration from the things they love, they all achieved the perfect days for them. And that’s what it’s all about.


Episode 23

Comparison Is The Thief Of... Self-Worth

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