We’re big fans of denim jackets! Denim never goes out of style, so when you want your wedding day to have a timeless feel but need a cover-up, we’d always recommend a bridal denim jacket. Whether you’re looking for a denim jacket due to the chillier evenings, modesty reasons, or just for a cute accessory in your wedding photos, we have all the inspiration you’ll need. In this roundup, we have custom, personalised, plain, pearl, and bridesmaid denim jackets with images from our real weddings, so you can see how our amazing brides chose to wear theirs!  

32 bridesmaid and bridal denim jacket ideas

Custom Bridal Denim Jacket Ideas

If you're going for a bridal cover-up for your big day, you might as well make it custom! Choose embroidered motifs, badges, sequins, glitter, and tassels! The choice is all yours. You can really make it your own by adding a quote that means a lot to you (could be song lyrics) or your new last name (if you're changing it). These bridal denim jackets were all professionally achieved and they look incredible! Plus, with jackets like these, you can wear them again! We're all about re-wearing clothes, so much so that we have our own buy-and-sell platform, Recycle My Wedding. Be sure to take a look for pre-loved dresses, accessories, decor, and more!

Personalised Denim Jackets

Personalised denim jackets are normally not done professionally and instead, DIY'd! These make a great gift idea! 'Wife of the party', 'Just Married' or adding your name and wedding date are our favourite ways to personalise your denim jacket. Add some sparkles with sequins, rhinestones, and glitter or keep it chic and sophisticated with some embroidery or easy iron-on designs!

Pearl Bridal Denim Jackets

We have a whole article dedicated to pearl weddings because pearls are literally everywhere! Brides have added them to their hair, as jewellery, on their wedding dress or veilshoesnails and so much more. We can confirm that they also work on denim jackets! There's something about the pearl that makes it so bridal and it's an obvious winner when it comes to choosing a gemstone. Adding pearls to the back of your blue or black bridal denim jacket elevates it to some seriously enviable wedding attire.

Plain Denim Jackets

Alternatively, maybe all this extra detail isn't for you. If you don't want your bridal denim jacket to steal all the attention and are happy to let your wedding dress do the talking all day long, go for something a bit more stripped back. Also, all the sparkle or personalisation might not suit the vibe of your wedding. If your day is super boho with lots of extravagant flower arrangements, maybe keeping it simple with the jacket could work better. Look at the inspiration below to see how our real brides did it!

Bridesmaid Denim Jacket

Get your bridal party denim jackets too! Add their name on the back and gift it to them on the morning of the wedding. Or it could make for a fun hen-do activity to all DIY your matching denim jackets together! Adding 'Bridesmaid', 'Maid of Honour' or their names to the back of the jackets is also a handy way of ensuring guests that might not have met your party know who is who.

Bridal denim jackets are the perfect cover-up for warmer weddings!

Loved these bridal denim jackets? Then you'll love our wedding leather jackets roundup too! If you're moving on to other details of your bridal look, you'll need our bridal accessories article for all the inspiration. It covers everything from your jewellery, your garter, perfume and more!

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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