When I was invited to visit the Four Seasons Langkawi resort with its geo thermal spa, water sports facilities, rainforest trek and mangrove safari tour, my bag was packed quicker than you could say 'private beach'. A tropical paradise with a make-you-feel-like-royalty level of service makes this mile long resort a honeymoon destination hard to top.

Four Seasons Langkawi

After a 13 hour flight from London to Kuala Lumpar I swapped the 777 for an aircraft not significantly larger than a bus for a final hour long jaunt from the Malaysian mainland to the island. The resort is situated in a expansive privately owned area on the northern tip of the island and contains 91 villas, either nestled within the lush green landscape or spaced along a 1 mile stretch of private beach. By the way, in case you were wondering this is all as good as it sounds. The easiest way to get around the resort is by utilising the complimentary bike hire facility as the accommodation, restaurants and amenities are very spaced out. This ensures each lodging has more than ample privacy. If you are after maximum relaxation or can't face riding in the heat then a quick call to the concierge will see a golf buggy tootling up to your villa in no time with a driver who will take you wherever you'd like to go. Again this is complimentary, all part of the service. When dining you can choose from authentic Malaysian cuisine to European or innovative fusion styles. During my trip I was lucky enough to visit each of the three main restaurants and each has it's own speciality. All were awesome. There are less formal eateries servicing the pool areas and beach, these are excellent too. A nice touch is that every sun lounger comes with its own remote "press for service" button. I must admit initially I felt somewhat lazy pressing a button instead of hauling myself to the bar, but... Let's just say I got used to it!

The Service

If you've never experienced a Four Seasons before the level of service will leave you somewhat flabbergasted. When arriving at a restaurant you'll greeted - usually by name, when arriving at the beach you'll be handed a towel (naturally) and again greeted by name. It's the closest you'll ever get to feeling like royalty. It's something Four Seasons pride it's self on. If you leave your room for any prolonged period of time you'll return to find the fairies have been at work - clothes folded, table tidied and more often than not some kind of edible treat has been prepared for you. It doesn't stop there, during my trip one of my fellow journalists broke a pair of flip flops on an over zealous walk on the beach, upon returning to his room that evening he discovered that during dinner the offending flip flop had been removed, repaired and returned. Now that is a nice touch!

Things To Do

You can get married with Four Seasons Langkawi if you want but let's just say that in order to use the private beach for your ceremony a minimum spend is required. If you are not a Russian oligarch or Sultan you need not apply. Therefore, let's assume you are on honeymoon... Most honeymooners want picture perfect beaches, pampering, relaxation and the option for a variety of activities. If that sounds like you then read on.

On Site Activities

Within the complex you can enjoy two swimming pools, one family focussed with multiple terraces, levels and interconnecting water features, the other is an adults only "quiet" infinity pool with private cabanas and views out to the sea. Of course if you prefer there is the private beach. If you do honeymoon here you must take advantage of the geo spa, set in a truly breathtaking landscape on the very edge of the complex where sheer rock face meets rainforest. Combine this with sunrise yoga at the lotus pond and you've officially taken R&R to the next level. In contrast you can also enjoy the onsite gym, book water sports activities or try the resort-run abseiling, archery or rock climbing classes. When we get asked about honeymoons at RMW a common question is this; "Where can we go for total relaxation but also activities and adventure?" It is safe to say that FS Langkawi will satisfy couples who have eclectic or differing views on what the ideal honeymoon should be.

Off Site Adventures

These activities take you further afield but can still be arranged through, and in most cases are run by, staff at the resort. The guided bike tour of local villages provides a glimpse into local life and I think this is an essential additional to your holiday, it's quite an eye opener after becoming accustomed to the lush, manicured surroundings of the resort. Equally essential is the mangrove safari lead by resident expert naturalist Aidi Abdullah where you will experience and learn about the local geography and wildlife. A worthwhile excursion is trip across the island to the cable car and Sky Bridge. If you have a head for heights it provides an exhilarating ride and easily the best viewpoint anywhere on Langkawi. The highlight of my stay was a guided trek through wild rainforest. One for the most adventurous, the trail was difficult in parts and is certainly not suitable for children or inexperienced walkers. At times it is required to scale sections of rock face and traverse ledges not much wider than your shoes! The walk starts in the grounds of the resort but quickly takes you out through rainforest and up into the rocky cliffs that line the northern tip of the island, the sense of accomplishment as I reached the peak was heightened further by the magnificent view.


There are 6 levels of pricing for accommodation ranging from villas suitable for 2 people right up to large beach houses suitable for families or large groups. It is worth stating that even the entry level accommodation is exquisite and by choosing the most modest option you won't feel that you've sold yourself short one bit. Prices start at around £400.00 per night with discounts for stays over 5 nights long. There are also occasional offers where you might get 4 nights for the price of 3 so it's worth checking for deals. If deals are of no concern you can converse with the concierge to put together a bespoke accommodation package - If you desire you may have your property redecorated to your exacting specification, have your own house staff and butler or book one of the resorts private chefs. Expect to pay up to 10k per night for the privilege. Fancy. Flights to Langkawi are reasonable and can be purchased for under £400.00 It's worth noting that if you now have a taste for the island it is possible to do it on a budget. The Four Seasons is proudly the most expensive resort on the island and you certainly get what you pay for, however there are many less expensive options available.

When To Visit Langkawi

The best time of year to visit is January to mid April when there is very little rain. The climate is consistent all year though so if you don't mind the odd tropical shower then don't feel you need to stick to those guidelines I visited in May and there were occasional showers (and one mega thunderstorm) but they tend not to last long and do help to reduce humidity levels.

Holiday Snaps

Finally, here are a few of my images from the trip, the rainforest trek and local bike ride were two of my favourite parts of the visit and neither are particularly well documented visually on the official website - I believe they are relatively new additions to the activity portfolio. I've slipped in a few images of the cable car and Sky Bridge too.
If you've fallen in love with FS Langkawi as much as I have then follow them on instagram for more honeymoon daydream fodder and some behind the scenes footage @fslangkawi Where are you planning to honeymoon? If you have any questions about my experience please leave me a comment below. Adam.
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