The beautiful, transparent acrylic wedding trend has been slowly gracing our pages for a while now, but we think it's high time it was catapulted into weddings everywhere. From table plans and signs, right through to name place settings, menu cards and even invitations, it quite happily takes on many guises. We love to see it etched or adorned with beautifully written calligraphy, and whether your wedding is ultra-modern, traditional or rustic there's a place for this versatile wedding decor amongst it. Our curated list of Recommended Suppliers is filled with every supplier type you will need to set your acrylic dreams alight, so let us take a look at these inspirational ideas from our Stationers and Planners & Stylists to inspire your own use of acrylic, perspex and lucite details.

Acrylic Wedding Inspiration {Welcome Signs}

What better way to let your guests know the theme of your wedding day than by greeting them with a fabulous welcome sign. Stand your transparent sign in pride of place on an easel as it is, or drape it in flowers, and allow the natural beauty of your wedding venue to shine through. A well-chosen font or design matching your wedding stationery will complement your wedding day decor and all the best stationers will help make this process seamless.

Acrylic Wedding Inspiration {Table Plans}
There is nothing I love more than seeing a beautiful table plan. As with welcome signs, table plans can be stood on an easel, or if you're blessed with an outdoor wedding propped up against a tree, or even hanging from it! Opt for one large sheet of perspex or several small sheets for each individual table. Either way, your guests will be lining up to find out where they are sitting and admiring your beautiful display.
Acrylic Wedding Inspiration {Table Decor}
Personally, I would absolutely love to sit down to the wedding breakfast and see my name place setting made of lucite. It not only looks fabulous but also makes the perfect wedding favour for your guests to take home. Your guests won't be leaving their personalised piece of pretty behind in a hurry! Similarly, a well-placed menu card or table name can subtly add the perspex wedding trend to your tablescape giving it a chic edge.
Acrylic Wedding Inspiration {Wedding Decor}

Whilst welcome signs, table plans and table decor are where we're seeing the trend appear most, we've also spied some more fabulous ideas to use acrylic/perspex decor in your wedding. The 'Sip Sip Hooray' wedding sign used to highlight the amazing pink roll top Booze Bath will always be a favourite, and we adore the blank 'Song Request' sheet by our handpicked stationer, Rose Paper Scissor. A sure fire way to ensure guests get on the dance floor whilst adding a little pretty to proceedings.


Ask your stationer or provider of on the day details, to paint the back of your acrylic in a complementary colour. We've just started to see this acrylic update popping up and predict it's going to be huge. Transparent edges, pops of colour and gorgeous calligraphy? YES PLEASE.

Now we've shown you the way, we hope to see more of this versatile wedding decor gracing our pages. If you're looking for suppliers to provide you with such beauty, look no further than Rock My Wedding's Recommended Suppliers, which is chockablock full of the wedding dream team, whose talents you've no doubt been fiercely pinning.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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