I'm not sure about you but I have had enough of dreary January. I don't mind the cold but the general haze of greyness needs to disappear. I am very much a sunshine kind of girl. All bright colours and cheery vibes. So just because it is a bit dull out there doesn't mean we can't bring you lots of vibrant colours to brighten your day. It's all about adding that sense of fun to your wedding day. Think beautiful flowers, cute accessories and, most of all, a lot of smiles.


It's pretty easy to bring in some colour with your florals. It doesn't have to be all out tropical. You could pick one shade and use that throughout or mix tones to give some depth. I'm a big fan of a bit of coral, especially when it comes to epic peonies, or how about some amazing delphiniums in deep blues and purples? Of course, if you want to go all out jewel toned then I'm with you all the way.


Bring in some snippets of colour in your outfits to lift the whole ensemble. Bright pocket squares or ties on the guys look great with a dark navy or tweed suit. Get your best girls in some wonderful hues to bring the while look together by choosing similar shades that suit their own colourings. For yourself you could of course opt for a coloured dress. Did you see our fabulous post on coloured dresses last year? You may well change your mind on white. Or how about adding a flash of colour with some fabulous shoes. We see many a bride sporting the most epic shoes in a myriad of colours. If your dress is long they are like your little secret until the dancing gets under way and the inevitable skirt twirling begins.


No matter what your venue you can brighten the day with all manner of cute decor. From garlands and balloons to wonderful hanging walls of ribbons. Keep your tables fun with bright flowers popped in mismatched bottles.


Your stationery is a brilliant way to bring in your chosen colour palette and give your guests a sneaky peek of what is to come.


You can bring a bit of colour in to your images even if you have kept your outfits pared back. Find yourself a bright backdrop and away you go. It could be a painted wall, a double decker bus or a vibrant green field in the summer.
Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

Photographer : Anna at We Are // The Clarkes | Bridal Designer: Karen Willis Holmes | Makeup: Makeup By Jodie | Wedding Planners: Potcakes | Decor: Sky Lantern | Photographer: Irene Yap | Photo Booths: Say Fromage | Photographer: Sarah Jane Ethan | Bridal Boutique: Carina Baverstock Couture | Photographer: Claire Penn | Bridesmaids: For Her and For Him | Bridal Boutique: Agape Bridal Boutique | Photographer: Through The Woods We Ran | Bridal Boutique: Marrime Bridal | Shoes: Rachel Simpson | Wedding Stylist: One Stylish Day | Venue: Launcells Barton | Photographer: Razia N Jukes | Swimwear: Heidi Klein | Photographer: Especially Amy | Bridal Designer: Sabina Motesem | Bridal Designer: Stewart Parvin | Gift List: The Wedding Shop | Bridal Designer: Catherine Deane | Bridal Boutique: Coco and Kate | Stationery: Swoon At The Moon | Bridal Accessories: Liberty In Love | Venue: Marriott Breadsall Priory | Liberty In Love - Photography Credit: Schryver Photo

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