Group shots. It's often where you either fall in love with a photographer, or decide that they are definitely not the one for you. But whatever style of photography you prefer, we think group shots are really important. Making sure you have a special image of you with everyone who matters to you on your wedding day is priceless. Our recommended supplier directory, The List, is filled with awesome photographers who will help capture the group shots you love. Whether that's organic and reportage in style, artistic and stylish, or quirky and fun, you'll find a photographer who is right for's some inspiration to get you started!

{With The Girls}
There are SO many moments to capture lovely images of you with your best girls, getting ready, walking to your ceremony, having a glass of bubbles, partying hard...and that's just the natural moments that occur during the day. So if the thought of standing in line and having organised group shots gives you the chills then don't worry - it's not an obligation. But equally, there are not many times in life when you're all together looking so damn hot, so please do at least consider jumping in front of the camera once and working it ;)
{With The Boys}
A sweeping generalisation here - most males, when a camera is on, will default to goofing around. Embrace it! Group shots don't have to feel forced or awkward, people smiling, laughing and having fun always looks better than people looking stiff. Your photographer will be snapping away while you get into formation (ha!) and these images are often the ones that actually make the final cut as these show people interacting with one another and just generally having a wonderful time.
{All Together Now}
When you've got your guys and girls together (or your families of course), have fun creating images that will look really striking. It's a powerful thing to have a group of people you love all around you and this comes across in the imagery. Use your venues surroundings, use the weather, use the light - follow your photographers lead and magical things will happen.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer then do visit our handpicked supplier directory, The List. It's brimming with brilliant photographers with lots of different styles so you're bound to find someone you love.

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Wedding Photographers: RMW. The List
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