Pre-wedding ceremony drinks and group karaoke sessions are what really make this fabulous Asylum Chapel wedding stand out. It absolutely screams our ethos Your Day your Way and the smiles, love and happiness on the brides and grooms faces captured by The Wild Bride speak in volumes. Siobhan and Joshua completely stayed true to themselves, ditching traditions they didn't believe in and incorporating new ones that were important to them, which is just as it should be.

What Made Your Day Unique

The guests had 45 mins of pre-wedding drinks at The Asylum chapel before the bridal party arrived. My bridesmaids, my mum and I all travelled to The Asylum in a vintage bus where we had our own pre-drinks which meant everyone was really relaxed before the ceremony. The only wedding I've been to where the guests cheered a bride down the aisle. We wrote our own vows and only shared them at the ceremony so that was incredibly moving, and Mark our celebrant had vow's for the guests also. They promised to support us in our marriage which was a great way to involve everyone. The day was all about being relaxed and informal. We wanted the party to start from the moment our friends and family arrived. We had burgers for lunch and hilarious polaroid place sittings, plus, an epic group karaoke instead of a first dance.

Siobhan & Joshua

Asylum Chapel Wedding

The Asylum has been the location for many a London ceremony and Rock My Wedding feature, with vows and promises made in front of magical fairy light and candle covered altars, plus, the added bonus of lots of dappled light flooding in those beautiful stain glass windows. Siobhan and Joshua made their Asylum chapel wedding their own by enjoying pre-wedding drinks and canapes there, walking down the aisle with both their parents and saying their own written vows to one another. The captures by The Wild Bride literally tell it all, with tears, laughter, cheers and tender moments. It's just lovely.

Inspiration & Styling

Relaxed and fun. we wanted it to feel more like a party than a wedding so everything was built around that premise. Pinterest was a big go-to in regards to styling but The Asylum venue pretty much speaks for itself. I had seen a wedding at The Asylum where I had loved the way they had finished it with candles & eucalyptus so I used that as our inspiration. I found Treea (London Flower Farmer) on Instagram also because I loved her wild approach. We then used old liquor bottles as candle holders on the reception tables which I'd seen online and as mentioned created place settings using polaroids of funny pictures of our guests. Josh and I collected those together building up to the wedding which was hilarious. I also made Josh, my parents and bridesmaids individual photobooks.

Siobhan & Joshua
Well, this is a first, a group karaoke session! It sounds and looks absolutely amazing, it's no wonder it was one of Siobhan & Joshua's favourite parts of their wedding day. They gathered their guests around a giant projector screen, for what guests thought was the couples first dance, handed out inflatable guitars, and began to sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I can imagine that really got the party started. I wonder what else was on their playlist? To find out what's on ours, check out our Wedding Party Playlist Podcast.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Videographer: The Wild Bride | Wedding Venue: The Asylum Chapel | Food: Plenty of Thyme | Florist: London Flower Farmer | Steel Band: Solid Steelband | Decor & Hire Lights: Marvellous Lights | Gift List: Prezola | Transport: London Retro Bus Hire | Addison Lee | Celebrant: Mark Hayford | Photo Booth: PB Studio Event | Live Music: Toby Bowen Music | Reception Venue: The Rosendale | Wedding Dress : Rue De Seine | Bridesmaid Outfits: ASOS | Grooms Suit: Slanj Kilts | Prada Velvet Platforms: Net-a-Porter

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