Nothing says celebration quite like a display of balloons. We’ve rounded up a bevvy of wedding balloon ideas for you to add the ultimate pop to your wedding reception.
Extra Large
You can get big, perfectly round giant balloons in every colour under the sun to complement your wedding decor. Couples shots always look playful and fun with the newlyweds holding on to two oversized balloons bobbing in the wind.
Tassel Tail
Take your wedding balloons to the next level and add some playful glamour with a fringed tassel tail. You can buy lengths of fringe from balloon and party retailers or try your hand at making your own. Think outside the box when it comes to incorporating balloons into your wedding decor. They’re great for photo props and backdrops however Kate and Bobby added heaps of metallic gold fringing to create their hugely effective balloon table numbers. Do have a read of Katy’s write-up on how they used a genius workaround in a venue that didn’t allow helium.
If you’d prefer something more organic to tail your balloon then try an elegant swathe of foliage. Make your own after foraging in your garden, buy faux ivy garlands from Hobbycraft or eBay or have a chat with your florist. However if you’d prefer to get your botanical kick in your balloons rather than on them then fill transparent balloons with palm leaves, ferns and fauna for a modern whimsical look.
Balloon Arch
Banish ideas of eighties style arcs (though we do love a bit of retro here at Rock My Wedding), balloon arches have made a massive comeback in the last few years, though the new trend for mixed balloon sizes gives them a modern edge. Arches are surprisingly easy to create (with balloon decorating strip tape and glue dots) but bear in mind you’ll need at least a hundred balloons to create a visual showstopper. It would be a good idea to get yourself an electric balloon pump as it’s likely you’ll run out of puff! Alternatively, hand over to the experts and ask them to set-up an epic backdrop.
Metallic letters act as super signage for your cake or card table. If you buy each ballon individually then you can create your own bespoke slogan or phrase. You don’t need helium to fill them as they can be air filled. plus they’re lightweight so can hang from a wall with just a blob of blu-tac.
Typography balloons are perfect for the coolest of contemporary celebrations. Emmalene and Ben were keen to have a bright and happy wedding and what better way to decorate their venue with than ‘Yay’ colourful balloons? You can also get your own custom printed or take advantage of lots of pre-printed designs.


Canisters can be a pricey affair and it’s likely you’ll use the best part of one to fill a 36” balloon. A much more cost effective way is to fill clusters of smaller balloons en masse. Helium escapes over a period of time so it’s best to arrange for someone to inflate the balloons as close as possible to the wedding For environmental reasons, we wouldn’t advocate a balloon release. We've seen gorgeous shots of guests releasing bubbles as an alternative. Biodegradable balloons made of natural latex are available which can be left to break down on a compost heap. Be sure to dispose of your balloons responsibly after the event.

Lauren C

Written by Lauren C

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