If you're looking for something special for you wedding day, then you really should consider the beautiful pieces from Sofia at Lila. We absolutely adore her intricate, delicate and romantic designs and some of our most stylish ever Brides have worn her pieces for their wedding days. To celebrate this collection being showcased on RMW, Sofia is offering all of our lovely readers 10% off all orders booked by 31st August 2016, just quote 'RMW2016'. All of her pieces are simply stunning. Completely unique and so obviously crafted by hand with complete passion, that it's very difficult to chose a stand out piece - but like Sofia, I think my favourite is the gold rose hair clip. It's just so striking and instantly makes me think of an elegant Greek Goddess. This shoot, with images from Katy Lunsford is just incredible, the light, the colours in the bouquets, it's impossible not to fall for Sofia's work. Enjoy and if you decide to make a purchase please do let us know, we'd love to see more of our Real Brides in accessories from Lila.
Established in 2012, Lila specialises in handcrafted, couture headpieces that combine contemporary design with experience, skill and artistic flair drawn from almost a century-long family tradition in craftsmanship. Now more than ever, we believe quality and skilled workmanship should be celebrated and treasured. Nothing can compare to a beautifully designed and skillfully handcrafted adornment filled with character and individuality. Our collections are praised for their outstanding craftsmanship and truly original designs, and we are best known for our signature flowers created from clay. The intricate, lengthy process involved in producing these delicate blooms demands that each petal be sculpted by hand, resulting in startling detail and a distinctive finish. Each flower is unique. Our gold designs are painstakingly hand-gilded with pure 24ct gold leaf, using a technique that makes the gold look 'worn-off' creating a deep, warm sheen and a luxurious, 'antique' feel. Beautifully feminine, our floral headpieces are extremely versatile, suiting any style: from elegant, classic and understated, to opulently antique and romantically bohemian. While they evoke the delicate nature of fresh flowers, they carry the character and individuality of artisan creations, making these the ultimate heirloom pieces. Our passion for nature has also inspired a collection of exquisite designs created with crystals, pearls and gemstones. Unlike the commonly used method of exposed twisted wires that often look awkward and unattractive, our pieces are hand-embroidered or intricately weaved with micro-wiring. A technique a lot more difficult and time-consuming but worth all the effort as it results in seamless, jewel-like pieces. Our headpieces are available from Lila directly with each piece handcrafted to order in our London studio. Maintaining the quality of a couture, artisan production we do not do wholesale but have recently developed a small number of special collaborations that reflect the exclusive nature and versatility of our work, such as our limited collections for Claire Pettibone and Freya Rose, along bespoke commissions by designers and stylists on bridal and fashion catwalk and editorial.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Headpieces & Styling: Lila | Dresses: Claire Pettibone | Boutique: Blackburn Bridal | Shoes: Freya Rose | Hair: Tassilia Varda | Make Up: Jessica Hurley | Bouquet : Lila | | Venue: Fetcham Park
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