Becky: I am so excited to introduce you to Naomi Deru. Naomi is the founder and owner of Naomi Deru Bridal, a contemporary bespoke wedding dress design atelier in Kent. Today she is going to share with you the process of having a bespoke wedding dress created, from how much that might cost to fabrics and fittings. Naomi has also answered all of your bespoke wedding dress questions. I know you’re going to really enjoy reading her words so I’ll hand over to her and wish you happy designing-the-dress-of-your-dreams!
Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Bespoke Bridal
So you’re engaged and you‘ve started the search for that all-important wedding dress. Possibly the most important dress in your life! Maybe you’ve spent hours upon hours on Pinterest and a few too many weekends trying on dresses in your local wedding dress boutiques. The dresses have been beautiful but you're still undecided. You loved the billowing sleeves of the ‘Lorraine’ dress but you also loved the intricate embroidered detailing of the ‘Billie’ dress but they haven’t quite hit the spot! Then maybe it’s time you explored the Bespoke Wedding dress option. The journey into a bespoke Naomi Deru Bridal wedding dress begins with a simple enquiry via my website where you’ll find my contact form. Here you can express your interest and our dedicated team will respond promptly.
What Is A Bespoke Wedding Dress?
A bespoke wedding dress is a one of a kind dress handcrafted just for you. Every single detail from the neckline and the sleeves to the fastening and the fit is specific to your requirements. A bespoke dress tells the story of the bride whether she’s a barefoot walking beach babe or a Disney princess loving enthusiast. It shows her personality and mirrors her inspirations.
The Process Of Creating A Bespoke Wedding Dress
It all starts with a private consultation at the Naomi Deru Bridal studio in Rochester, Kent. You and your guests will be invited to bring along any inspirations such as magazine clippings, Pinterest boards etc as we sit down and discuss your ideas in-depth over a glass of champagne. Here you’ll have the opportunity to look through some of the wedding dress samples from my 2020 collection and I will sketch a few designs curated from your inspirations in order to bring your ideas to life. I will also provide expert advice on what works and what doesn’t as we discuss fabric options, colours, trimmings, and your budget. After your consultation, further research will be made to collate a design proposal for your wedding dress which will contain a detailed description of your design, fabric samples, and a refined hand-drawn sketch as well as pricing. Once you have approved the design we will take an extensive set of measurements and schedule your wedding dress into production.
Bespoke Wedding Dress Toile & Fittings
The word toile is a French word meaning ‘an early version of a finished garment made up in cheap material so that the design can be tested and perfected.’ Your first fitting at Naomi Deru Bridal would be your toile fitting where we will finally be able to visualise the fit of your dream wedding dress on your body. Here we will have the opportunity to see if any adjustments need to be made to your dress pattern to fine-tune the fit and finalise the design elements. Following your toile fitting, your final dress will be impeccably tailored in your choice of bridal fabrics and you will be invited for 2-3 bridal fittings to ensure your wedding dress is absolutely perfect for your big day. Quality finishes and attention to detail are paramount as is the use of luxury contemporary fabrics and trimmings.
The bespoke wedding dress process at Naomi Deru Bridal is truly an exciting journey and allows you to combine all the design elements you love into your dream wedding dress, making sure to express your unique beauty, style and personality. - Naomi
Your Questions Answered By Naomi

How long does the whole process take? The bespoke wedding dress process takes between 4-9 months depending on design and detail, however, we are sometimes able to accommodate rush orders placed less than four months before your big day.

What size do you go up to? The beauty of bespoke is that our dresses are not based on standard sizing but on your own unique shape. Extensive measurements are taken to determine the fit of your dress and then refined in your toile fitting.

What if you know what you want but you can't explain it? The first consultation is an opportunity for you to put all your inspirations and ideas on the table. My job as your bespoke bridal designer is to collate this information and produce a visual which we will then be able to fine-tune to your taste.

What different elements affect the quote? The price of a bespoke wedding dress is entirely based on the design of the dress, fabric choices, hand-sewn applications, and details as well as the date of your wedding.

What is the minimum/realistic budget you should set for bespoke? At Naomi Deru Bridal dresses range from £1,800. However, on average brides tend to spend between £2,300 to £3000.

Can I use a second-hand fabric or end roll (if enough) to try and be sustainable? At Naomi Deru Bridal we strive to be sustainable. All our dresses are 100% handmade and we make it our duty to reduce as much waste as possible in our production process. Therefore we always welcome ideas from our clients to try and be more sustainable. We guide you on the most suitable materials for your dress and we work closely with suppliers who also provide eco-friendly fabric options.

How do you know that you have picked the right designer/seamstress if there are no samples? When looking for a designer it’s important to do your research. If they do not have samples to show you you can ask to see images of their work. Have they created similar styles in the past? It’s great when you find a designer who shares similar design aesthetics to you as they are more likely to see your vision clearly. Ask for recommendations, there are many forums online where you can find recommendations as well as online reviews via web search engines.

Would you recommend going to a boutique to try on dresses first to get an idea of what you like? 100% I advise all brides to go grab your favourite girls and go wedding dress shopping first, especially if the designer does not have samples to try on. You may find that the design you had your heart set on is actually not as you had imagined. Try on dresses with various necklines, silhouettes, fabrics, and details and take notes so that you can have a more rounded idea of what suits you best.

Is having a bespoke gown more expensive than going to a bridal shop? The price of having a bespoke wedding gown can vary, however, the pricing is heavily dependent on the style, details, and fabrics used. Most bridal designers are able to work towards a realistic budget, therefore you may find that a bespoke dress can actually be more affordable than an off the peg designer wedding gown.

Written by Naomi Deru. You can follow Naomi on Instagram and Facebook.
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