Once again Rock My Wedding real brides are blowing our minds with their incredible style. Finishing (or starting) their wedding day outfits with some seriously fit bridal crowns. Each one is unique to the bride and her personal taste. And each one makes me green with envy as I wished I was cool enough to rock an ornate headpiece like theirs. There are feathers, florals, and monumental structures, and if you pardon the pun, each headdress is the crowning glory to their overall look. Ready to be inspired?

Bridal Crowns {Feathered}

Feathered headdresses used to be worn by male leaders of the American Plains Indians Nations who had earned a place of respect within their tribe. Today's modern bride certainly earns our respect if she chooses to wear a feathered bridal crown. Not only do they look absolutely amazing, but they add texture to your luscious locks too. Be it red like Natashya, or white like Kayleigh, we love a feather headpiece.

Bridal Crowns {Structured}

You've heard of the term 'go big or go home', well that definitely applies to this selection of structured bridal crowns. Handmade, woven and shaped to make a statement of epic proportions. Framing the bride's beautiful face and carefully chosen hairstyle, and drawing the eye up to all those wedding day emotions. Real bride Sandra wasn't able to wipe the smile off her face all day, and neither were we as we pored over her glasshouse wedding.

Bridal Crowns {Gold}

Every bride deserves to be a queen on her wedding day. Which means every bride deserves to have her very own gold crown. Whether they are embelished with jewels like Judith's, or regal like this Viktoria Novak number we think you should embrace your inner royal.

Bridal Crowns {Floral}

A flower crown does not have to equal a head full of fresh flowers, although you only have to look at our Pinterest board to know we love this look too. One of our very own recommended suppliers, Herminone Harbutt, uses gold and pearlised details to form an equisite crescent crown. Plus, we love how some carefully sown pieces of fabric have formed this applique headdress by Ann-Marie Faulkner.

If bridal crowns aren't your thing, but you can't stop thinking about adding a finishing touch to your wedding outfit - join Charlotte and Becky on our Bridal Accessories Podcast, as they talk everything from capes to cover-ups. Plus, we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to those speical finishing touches.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Headpiece: Tilly Thomas Lux
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