Planning a wedding is an overwhelming task. We know! Especially when faced with the most epic Pinterest weddings we have daily here on the blog. It's hard to know where to start or what to focus on and in truth how on earth to fit the planning into your already hectic day. That's where a truly amazing wedding planner can help. From finding the venue to all those little touches they will be able to guide you through the sometimes overwhelming decisions of the world of weddings. And you don't need to go for all-out planning. Sometimes a little inspiration session will be enough to get you going. Sam and Lisa at Carmela Weddings create unique, design-led, contemporary weddings for stylish, fashion-forward couples in London, Surrey and beyond. They don’t believe in formulas, rules or cookie-cutter weddings and as a Husband and Wife team, they offer a fresh perspective by providing both male and female input on your wedding day. Their focus is on luxury weddings with an edge - they assist those couples that don’t want to give up on luxury but do want a wedding with more style and more personality.
Whether you imagine your wedding in a warehouse, museum or art gallery, Carmela Weddings love sourcing unique venues and design weddings taking cues from the worlds of art, design and fashion to ensure each wedding is stylish, modern and bespoke. With backgrounds firmly rooted in entertainment (via a degree in law for Lisa which comes in handy for looking over all those supplier contracts for couples), a decade in event management, a great eye for design, and fabulous organisational skills, they combine their strengths to create the wedding you want. As members of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP), they also abide by a code of ethics so you can be assured of professional service at all times. With packages ranging from ‘The Whole Shebang’ (full wedding planning) to ‘Let’s Do This’ (inspiration sessions), they’ve got you covered with a service to suit every planning need. Stylish and luxurious but still cool with a guarantee that your wedding will ooze the essence of you – if you’re planning a modern wedding, these are the guys to call. To get in touch you can email Sam and Lisa on or call 07546267864.
Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

Venue: South Farm

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