We love a champagne pop at Rock My Wedding - I mean, let's be real. Who doesn't? Similar to smoke bomb wedding photos, they bring a pop (ha!) of life and personality to any wedding shoot. Getting the champers out is a great way to show how excited you are for your wedding day. Like all aspects of life, however, it's sadly not always that simple. There are things to consider before you pop the top to ensure you're getting the best shot possible. That's why we're here! We'll be going over tips and tricks to popping your champagne the right way and getting fantastic results.

Want to ensure a successful champagne pop for your wedding photos? Look no further!

What kind of champagne should I get?

Luckily for you and your wallet, there is absolutely no need to reach for the expensive stuff for your champagne pop. Bear in mind that you're just spraying it into the air - it's not actually for your guests to drink. Unless they want to... but that might be a tad difficult. If you want some close-up shots of the champagne, that's a different story. You could always buy your favourite for the shot and then swap for a cheaper alternative for the photos. It's up to you - but don't feel the need to splurge on an expensive bottle!

Get close for the champagne pop

Being close to your partner for the shot is important. If you're standing too far away, the photo will look disjointed. The excitement and joy of the champagne pop are cemented by your two smiling faces next to each other. Stand right up close together, and both try to get involved. For example, one person can pop the champagne whilst the other holds onto their arm, or touches the bottle in some way. This creates an added feeling of togetherness and unity. Who knew champagne popping was so symbolic?

What should I do with my face?

This might seem obvious, but having a big smile will do wonders for the photo. Naturally, when some people hear a loud noise, their first reaction is either to grimace or look shocked. Whilst this is understandable, it doesn't bring the pure joy energy that you're probably looking for. So before the champagne pop, try to ready yourself for the noise, and whack on a smile! The photo goes by very fast, so try to keep smiling as long as the bottle is still spraying.

Option 1 - Pre-pop shake 

There are two options when it comes to the actual shaking of the bottle. The first - start shaking before you pop the top. Don't feel the need to hold back - just go for it, and give the bottle a proper jiggle! The more you shake, the longer the spray will be. This means your photographer has longer to get some great photos. This option certainly prolongs the spray length, but some couples choose not to do this as they're scared about hitting someone with the cork. Fair enough! That's why we've got a second option for you. 

Option 2: Post-pop shake

So, you want a champagne pop that sprays satisfactorily whilst also ensuring no one gets a cork to the face. We hear ya! Option 2 of the champagne pop is to start shaking after you've popped the top. The important thing to remember if you go for this option is to shake the bottle a lot whilst partially covering the top of the bottle with your thumb. This means you'll get lots of spray whilst feeling safe in the knowledge you won't take someone's eye out. Score! 

Where do I aim?

Reverting back to safety precautions now. We recommend that you angle your bottle slightly to the left or the right of your photographer. No one wants to get a champagne pop directly in their face, trust me! To avoid this, the positioning of your bottle is important. Chances are this isn't your photographer/videographer's first rodeo, and they have experience with champagne shots. It depends on the lens, too, so best to have a chat with them beforehand to make sure you've got it all right.

Keep shaking!

Some people think that once the top of the champagne bottle has gone flying, you should just stand there and let it spray. This, however, is not the best way to get the shot you want. Once you've popped the top, place your thumb partially over the top, leaving about half of the top uncovered. Then absolutely keep shaking! This will make the spray last longer. Try to shake until there's absolutely no liquid left.

Stock up on champagne!

We advise you to bring 2-3 bottles for the champagne pop shot. With every photoshoot, there are always chances something might not go as planned. Because champagne spray shoots are so quick, it's important to bring back up, just in case. It also means you might have some surplus champers, which is never a bad thing.

You'll nail your champagne pop photo shoot - thank us later!

Champagne pop photos are filled to the brim with excitement and love. Looking at these photos years after your wedding will bring back strong feelings of joy and happiness - who doesn't want that? If you're looking for some champers pop inspiration, then this fun elopement is perfect in every way. This modern luxury wedding inspiration kills two birds with one stone - epic champagne shots and super cool sunnies. Finally, if you're in need of some photo-related assistance, we've got a whole episode on our podcast about the ins and outs of wedding photography.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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