I love Rock n' Roll, so put another dime in the jukebox, baby! We’re here with Chelsea & Ryan’s Western Rock ’n’ Roll wedding. Chelsea is a drummer in a band and Ryan loves working on his Harley Davidson which he custom-built and arrived at the venue on, so this theme was natural for the couple. Their home and decor were actually the inspiration for the whole wedding. The couple had cowboy boot aisle decorations (don’t judge until you see how cool these look), leather jackets and sunglasses, a live wedding band, and Ryan was the definition of they see me rollin’, they hatin’ as he turned up to the wedding on the back of his Harley Davidson. Capturing Chelsea & Ryan's insanely cool wedding day was Recommended Supplier, Firewood Film.

Western Rock ’n’ Roll wedding at Willow Marsh Farm with cowboy boot aisle decorations

Only think about yourselves, do what you want to do. Don’t tell anyone else your plans, let the day be a surprise for them (this also doesn’t give them the opportunity to voice their opinion!). You’re only gonna do this once, so blow the budget and make it special.

Chelsea & Ryan

Western Rock ’N’ Roll Wedding

Chelsea & Ryan’s wedding was styled exactly how their home is - 70s Americana Western Rock ’n’ Roll. The couple did their wedding exactly how they wanted to do it. To bring their vision to life, the couple had cowboy boots along the aisle filled with romantic and moody red roses and pampas grass. Ryan rebuilt his 1972 Harley Davidson and rolled up to the wedding on his bike in a modern-day cowboy moment. For their wedding invites, Chelsea & Ryan’s favourite artist created an illustration of Chelsea & Ryan riding off on a motorbike into the sunset! Gorg! The couple now have this on their wall at home.

Wedding Reception Party

A Rock ’n’ Roll wedding wouldn’t be complete without one hell of a party. The wedding reception and party literally started with the ceremony as the couple took a tequila shot together as they tied the knot. Even a conga line was going before the canapés could be served. The wedding guests certainly understood the assignment. Throughout the day, Chelsea & Ryan had an epic brass band and then for the wedding breakfast and evening, the couple made playlists that played all their favourite Rock ’n’ Roll tunes from Black Sabbath to Motley Crew. The wedding band really played a key role in getting the party started. It was a wild, Rock ’n’ Roll day!

Nothing will get the party started quite like live music and tequila shots!

All in all, this day was super cool and fun and Chelsea & Ryan are just so in love. I don't think I have ever come across such an awesome, alternative wedding. It’s incredible inspiration for couples who want to incorporate this style into their own wedding!

Firewood Film

This Willow Marsh Farm wedding was an amalgamation of themes that you might not think work together but totally do. To bring the themes together, it was really all in the details. The wedding outfits were brought together with wedding leather jackets and sunglasses, the coffin-shaped retro wedding cake, which brought the gothic vibes, and even the mini skateboard place names! If you love this Western Rock ’n’ Roll wedding, you should take a look at this cowboy country glam wedding.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue: The Willow Marsh Farm | Photography & Videography: Firewood Film | Honeymoon: The Tawny | Cake: Lucy Claire Bakes | Hair: Plaits and Pin Curls | Florist: The Flower Plant | Celebrant: Kickass Gatherings | Wedding Dress: Lineys Brides | Band: Loud Noises Brass

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