Tell me about it, Stud! These wedding leather jackets are giving us serious Grease vibes. All we’re saying is a leather jacket never goes out of style. Add a little edge to your look with some (real or faux) leather, add some personalisation or customisation to make it unique or keep it classic and simple. If you’re getting married in the UK (and especially in the winter months) there’s every chance that by the time the evening comes around, you might be feeling a little chilly. Keep your whole wedding look put together with a leather jacket! Recommended supplier, Niamh Designs, and Recommended Supplier, Painted Love both create custom and personalised wedding jackets and some are featured right here! Take a look at these bridal, groom, bridesmaid leather jackets and more below!

36 wedding leather jacket ideas including personalised, customised, groom, bridal, and bridesmaid leather jackets!

Wedding Leather Jackets - Bridal

If your wedding dress doesn't have long sleeves or your shoulders are exposed, then you may feel a little chill in the air depending on the weather and season of your wedding day. So, a jacket is necessary...but what should you choose? Our immediate answer is a leather jacket! Not only do they look cool and make for a fun photo opportunity, especially when paired with wedding sunglasses, but a leather jacket keeps you warm without making you look like you're Joey out of friends with layers of Chandler's clothes on. Could I be wearing any more clothes?

Wedding Leather Jackets - Groom

Groom leather jackets are a great option if you want a slight or full-on outfit change for your wedding reception! Sometimes your wedding suit might feel a little restrictive and if you love to dance and want to have your moment, strip off the blazer for a leather jacket. Maybe your wedding is non-traditional and you're not wearing a suit in the first place. So what jacket do you wear? Either none at all or our answer remains the same...pick up that wedding leather jacket!

Wedding Leather Jackets - Bridesmaid

We're obsessed with bridal parties that have matching leather jackets! How amazing do these wedding photos look?! If your bridesmaids are in a fully coordinated look with matching dresses in the same colour, then keep it all matching with some leather jackets. Or if the bridal party are in mismatched bridesmaid dresses then tie it all in together with matching jackets. Either way, in case you haven't gathered, we're big advocates for leather jackets.

Customised Leather Jackets

With the help of some incredible suppliers like Recommended supplier, Niamh Designs, you can make your wedding leather jacket stand out and be unique to you with some custom designs. Choose your fave song lyrics, add your fave colours or some other decorative pieces, like tassels and flower patches. The best part is, you can keep this forever! You get a stylish jacket that will always remind you of your special day.

Wedding Leather Jackets - Personalised

Similar to customised leather jackets, personalised wedding leather jackets give you a little bit more sentimental detail. Add on your new last name (if you're changing it), add the date of your wedding, a painting of flowers that you know will be in your bouquet, a mini cartoon drawing of your pet, or more! There's no limit to the creativity of personalised jackets. Check out Recommended supplier, Painted Love's design below!

More Leather Jackets!

Since we have so many incredible wedding leather jackets, here are a few more of our favourite wedding leather jackets from our real brides and real weddings! Beachbarnoutdoor, the edginess of a leather jacket suits whatever style of wedding you're having!

Wedding cover-ups and jackets don't have to be boring! Jazz things up with a wedding leather jacket!

Maybe we haven't convinced you to pick up a wedding leather jacket, in which case, you might be interested in our bridal cover-ups article that has a few other options! Don't forget your accessories! We've got the full details on bridal accessories and groom accessories for some inspiration with everything from hats, sunglasses, jewellery, and more!

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