Wedding transport - a smaller, yet just as important detail in your planning process. Often overlooked until the last minute, transport is something you really shouldn't forget. Ensuring you and your guests make it to places on time is a must - no one wants a sluggish ceremony... Just like every aspect of planning, there is a lot to consider with wedding transport. If you're a little lost, or unsure which route to take (pardon the pun) in terms of transportation, we're here to help! We've also got our Recommended transport suppliers all on one page. 

Wedding transport all depends on how many guests are in attendance, and where your reception and ceremony are taking place. Figuring out what you need, and at what time, is the first step in your transport planning. It's also dependent on your budget, and whether you want your whole wedding party to be in the same car/bus etc. We suggest deciding on the above factors first. Then, you can dive into the fun part - choosing your mode of transport (with our help, of course!).

What kind of wedding transport should you go for? We've got a whole host of options for you.

Wedding Cars 

Wedding cars are unsurprisingly a hugely popular wedding transport choice. So much so that we're going to be dedicating an entire post to the different kinds of cars you can choose. Watch this space! For now, though, we'll go over the basics. Vintage cars are all the rage, adding a stylish touch to any ceremony. Luisa & Stuart embodied this with their vintage car at their Notley Abbey wedding. Classic cars are also widely popular. With cars now available in almost every colour, there are a plethora of ways to spruce up your ceremony. Tara & Nik accepted this challenge and the results were delightful - their pale pink Porsche was as glamorous as anything. If the weather is looking good, then a convertible car is always a great way to ride in style. Pia & Ben wowed their guests in their convertible red car, looking perfect amidst the trees. 

Wedding Bus

Wedding buses are a great choice for wedding transport for many reasons. If you've got a lot of guests out of town, or if you have a destination wedding, for example. Buses ensure that everyone will arrive on time - a huge plus. They also get your guests home safe after the ceremony, no matter how many glasses of champers they've had... Wedding buses can also add a vintage, rustic vibe to your wedding day. It will be a whole lot of fun on board for your guests, too. Danielle & Richard opted for a vintage dark green bus - and it was spell-bounding. Morgan & Craig went for something slightly different. They chose the classic red London open-top bus, sipping Champagne as they were driven to and from. Obsessed! 

Wedding carriage 

Fancy a fairytale wedding? Then maybe a horse-drawn carriage is your wedding transport of choice. We wouldn't blame you! Who doesn't want to feel like Cinderella (pre-midnight)? There are a few things to consider, though. You have to make sure the driver knows what kinds of roads he'll be driving on, if the route is flat or up a hill, and what the traffic will be like. If you get the green light from your driver, fantastic! Leonie & David arrived in style with a horse and carriage, completing their dreamy fairytale wedding.


It goes without saying, motorbikes are incredibly cool. Your wedding transport choice makes a statement - so why not make that statement as stylish as possible? Motorbikes are a unique choice for transport, making your day that more special. They can also be incorporated into a variety of different wedding themes! Take Amy & Tim's '60s-inspired wedding, for example. Amy's halterneck wedding dress looked stunning atop of the white vintage Vespa. Erika & Eduardo exited their industrial-chic wedding on a motorbike and sidecar! Epic. This editorial shoot also included a sidecar, adding Hollywood, vintage vibes to all the photos. 


If you're eco-conscious, maybe you're trying to cut down on as much greenhouse gas as possible. If this is the case, then bicycles are a great mode of wedding transport for you. Eco-friendly, great exercise and completely gorgeous, bikes have made many an appearance at weddings. This minimalist elopement in Paris includes the couple cycling around together, and I have to say, it might be one of my favourite pictures of all time. 


A rarer choice doesn't make it any less wonderful. Although massively dependent on whether there's any water near your venue, a boat can be a gorgeous choice for wedding transportation. If you fancy yourself a The Notebook-esque entrance or exit, this one's for you. Cara & Paul had a boat photoshoot in the glorious sunshine on the on-site loch at their ceremony - and it's as dreamy as it is elegant. 

Tuk Tuks 

If you're not sure what a Tuk Tuk is, don't you worry. When I first heard the word, I thought it was a small animal. Much to my surprise, it's actually a three-wheeled, open-air vehicle. They've also recently become more popular as a mode of wedding transport! If you want something a bit smaller whilst keeping the fun factor in tact, a Tuk Tuk is perfect. They're also better for the environment than cars and buses. Holly & James opted for Tuk Tuk transport, taking inspiration from their travels in Thailand. Sophie & Lee also went for a Tuk Tuk for their Budapest wedding - and we're absolutely here for it. 


Camper vans not only epitomise boho-hippy-chic, but they're also very versatile. They have large cabin spaces for your guests, and loads of legroom. Simultaneously bringing nostalgia to your ceremony as well as providing more room for you and your guests, camper vans are a great choice for wedding transport. Jo & Nik made use of these amenities at their Snowdonia wedding with a breathtaking green VW camper van

Unconventional Wedding Transport 

We've gone over a fairly large variety of different transportation options today. To finish off this roundup, we're looking at the unconventional. And by that, we mean tractors. Yes, you read that right. Farm and field weddings are pretty popular over the summer months, and tractors tie in with that theme perfectly. A bride with wellies on? A thought-provoking combination that looks crazy cool. Lucy & Andre clearly agree - as they chose to ride in style with a vintage red Porsche tractor. The flower details on the front added some style while sticking with the more rustic, natural vibe. Tractors aren't the only unconventional option out there - quad bikes give off similar rustic, boho vibes. Vicky & Christ chose to ride in and out on a quad bike with "finally" bunting and tin can decor at their micro wedding. We LOVE. 

Your wedding transport makes a statement - so think about the aesthetic you're going for, and choose accordingly!

Selecting your wedding transport doesn't have to be stressful - especially if you know the vibe you're going for. Looking through this article as well as all of the inspiration we have on both our website and our Pinterest will be of assistance, too. We hope we've been able to show how many choices you have in terms of transport. Whatever you choose, you'll have a spectacular day, driving (or, more realistically, being driven) in style. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming article solely looking at wedding cars

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