Today's post is one for the boys. Or for you if you are in charge of making sure they look dapper ;) Lots of men struggle almost as much as the girls when it comes to choosing their wedding day look. It's something that is becoming more and more important, not just to the groom, but to the overall look of the day. Is he going to sport a relaxed chinos and shirt look or a suave dinner suit? Then there is the debate on colours, never mind the shirts and finishing touches. Knowing what suit to choose is often a tricky one and I think the men need to have a shopping trip just as much as us girls do. It's all about going to see what styles they like, what colours or fabrics would work best, and getting an idea of what feels most comfortable. It's also the perfect excuse for a boys day out. Probably with a pit stop in the pub! Choosing the guys outfits can often be as costly as you own dress but here at Rock My Wedding we love nothing better than a good mix of High Street and boutiques. I'm pretty sure lots of your men folk will have purchased a suit for work from high street favourites Marks and Spencer but it is definitely worth having a look for the wedding day too. Their range of suits and cuts is fantastic so there is sure to be something everyone will love. You can also easily pick up everything you need to complete the outfit with a vast array of shirts, ties and the obligatory M&S socks.
First up you need to decide on the style you are going for. Is it a relaxed vibe or a more formal affair? We've also noticed that the Groom and his wedding party are often beginning to follow the bridesmaid trend for mismatched but co-ordinated outfits. So the groomsmen often pick a suit style or shirt and tie combo to match their individual style whilst all fitting within an overall colour scheme. This gives a lovely relaxed vibe to the wedding and allows each member of the wedding party to feel happy and comfortable in their outfit. To help you get an idea of what style you are after Marks & Spencer are sharing a bit of their wisdom on some of their most popular suits and how to style them for your big day.

The Morning Suit

If your wedding is a more formal affair, look no further than this classic groom’s suit. The long-line, single-button jacket is cut away at the front to reveal the contrasting striped trousers. Finish the look properly with patent shoes and a coordinated buttonhole.

The Three-Piece Suit

A three-piece suit is not only a great way to add an extra insulating layer if the wedding is during the colder months, but wearing a waistcoat helps create the appearance of a V-shaped physique, without you having to hit the gym! Plus, it will keep you looking smart when you want to whip off your jacket on the dance-floor during the reception.

The Single-Breasted Suit

The bride might only wear her wedding dress once, but the great thing about a wedding suit is that if you buy right, you can keep wearing it after the big day is over. A single-breasted suit will never go out of style, so it’s a savvy choice for those looking to get maximum wear out of their wedding tailoring. To keep it looking smart, pair it up with some well-polished shoes – black for a city wedding or dark brown if you’re headed to the country.

The Dinner Jacket

Ever since Daniel Craig sported one in Spectre, we’ve seen a white dinner jacket revival on the red carpet, and it’s a superb way to bring a new vibe to a chic black-tie wedding. However, it is definitely a sartorial statement, so if you’re looking to try something a little different from the wedding norm, keep the rest of your outfit as classic as possible. Stick to a white textured shirt, black trousers, black cufflinks, patent lace-ups and a black self-tied bow tie. If even that’s a step too far, an elegant black dinner jacket will add a luxe touch to your look.
Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

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