If I was asked to choose my favourite hairstyle of all time then it would most definitely be the elegant chignon. It's so chic and so perfect and so wonderfully French that it makes for the perfect accessory to any outfit be it smart or casual, day or night. I particularly love the more modern style of chignon that we're seeing of late, set lower on the head towards the nape of the neck with a few loose tendrils here and there but haven't known how to recreate it for myself at home and I suspect that some of you might be in the same boat. Step in the lovely Jodie from Make-up By Jodie who is going to show us actually just how simple it is to create this updo single-handedly at home complete with tips and tricks.

DIY A Super Chic Modern Chignon - The Steps

1. Start with your hair brushed and down by your shoulders. 2. Section your hair from ear to ear across the top of your crown and use clips to pin forward the front section away from the back section. 3. Taking the back section lightly backcomb it at the crown and smooth over to create some height. 4. Use a hairband to secure the back section at the nape of your neck. 5 & 6. Pull the hair slightly apart above the band. 7 & 8. Pull the pony tail up and in and through the gap you have created in steps 5 & 6. 9. Lightly backcomb the ponytail then smooth over the under section. 10. Roll up the end of the pony tail back towards the head into a cylinder shape. 11. Secure the cylinder to the head with bobby pins. 12. Undo the front section and create a centre parting. Then twist each side back and secure to the side of the chignon.
We have provided all the steps from our slider of images in one single pinable graphic so that you can 'pin the look' to your favourite pinterest board. It's in the grey box to the right or below, depending on your web browser. Just click the image and click the pin it icon and you will be taken directly to your Pinterest account. So there you have it. A super chic chignon ready for your big day - if I were to have my wedding all over again then I would definitely opt for this delicious updo all day long! How about you? All my love Lolly xxx
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DIY Chignon hair style how to
Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Written by Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Hair by: Makeup By Jodie
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