At your wedding, squillions of photos will be taken. SQUILLIONS. And what could make for a prettier backdrop to alllll the pictures than a floral heart wreath installation? And best of all, it can be done for under £50… The photo opportunities with this hanging piece are endless. I envisaged this one being used as a photo booth backdrop for the bride and groom and guests to pose in front of, but it would work equally as well as general wedding décor: imagine it strung behind the top table or hung from rustic shutters or doors, or as a backdrop to the dessert table. If you’re getting married in a barn it would look SO GOOD against a stone wall. The single hearts also make gorgeous stand-alone pieces: string them from tree trunks if you’re having an outdoorsy/backyard celebration, or hang them off chairs to mark out those all-important Mr and Mrs seats. Here’s how to do it.

DIY Floral Heart Wreath {What You Will Need}

Rattan heart wreaths Ribbons or twine Branch Scissors Flowers (I used a mix of lisianthus, wax flowers and mini chrysanthemums, but faux flowers would work just as well) Fishing wire Nail The heart wreaths were a bargain at £8 each from Hobbycraft. I went for the largest size (45cm) to create impact, but Hobbycraft also do smaller wreaths for a mere fiver which are just as pretty. #notanad #ijustlovehobbycraft

DIY Floral Heart Wreath {Instructions}

1. Prep your flowers. With the smaller buds of the lisianthus, I cut them down so their stems were around 5cm long, as they look pretty side-on. With the larger lisianthus flower heads, I just left a centimetre or so of stem.
2. Cut off the heads of the mini chrysanthemums, again retaining just a centimetre or two of the stem.
3. I used longer sections of stems on the wax flowers and worked out how much I needed by laying them against the wreaths.
4. Attach the flowers by pushing the stems into the rattan. To make sure the flowers don’t fall off, you could use flower wire as well, but the rattan provides a fairly secure base. I decided to cover one of the wreaths completely in chrysanthemums, and on the other wreaths, I arranged the different flowers in small clusters. The rattan hearts are super pretty on their own so they didn’t need many blooms.
5. Now your hearts are ready, you just need something to hang them off! To recreate this one, find a sturdy branch and attach a long piece of clear fishing wire or twine to both ends. To make sure the wire didn’t slip off, I made a small groove in each end of the branch. Suspend the branch from a nail or hook, and attach the heart wreaths to the branch using twine or ribbon.
And there you have it. One gorgeous DIY floral heart wreath backdrop for your wedding pics. Do let me know if you’re planning on doing any crafting for your wedding. x
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RMW DIY Hanging Floral Heart Wreath Tutorial for under £50!
Lisa Soeno

Written by Lisa Soeno

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