This afternoon we're sharing the second of our DIY floral tutorials from the amazing 3acre Blooms girls. (If you missed the floral chair back tutorial, you can find it here). Whether you use this for your wedding day, for your hen do, or even for a festival this summer, this crown is so easy to create and really comfortable to wear! It's also versatile in that if you want a fuller crown, you can just make the wire part longer and attach more flowers. I'll pass you over to Emily and Lucy whose guidance, along with lots of helpful images from Ross Talling to make this tutorial really easy to follow.
DIY Flower Crown With Roses, Rose Buds & Nigella
Who doesn’t love flowers in their hair? There's something so decadent and special about adorning your hair with flowers and floral crowns make such a delightful addition to any occasion, especially weddings. Here, we show you how to make a floral crown. The flowers will be out of water, so at some point they will begin to wilt and droop. It’s best to consider what flowers you would like to use carefully. If you would like your crown to last longer, then pick blooms such as cornflowers, roses, carnations, waxflowers, seed heads or pips (honeysuckle pips are lovely and delicate, as are nigella seed heads) as they tend to last a bit longer out of water.
The Ingredients
Everything used is British Grown, either grown by us, 3acre Blooms, or other British Flower Growers who are committed to sustainability and seasonality.
  • Tools - Wire, Floral tape, Snips, Ribbon, Tape measure
  • Roses
  • Rose buds
  • Honeysuckle pips
  • Nigella (Love-in-a-mist)
  • Nigella seed pods
  • Foliage
  • Lavender
  • Senecio
  • Sea Rosemary
DIY Flower Crown Tutorial DIY Flower Crown Tutorial
The Steps

Get your blooms ready

● Ensure they have all had a big drink prior to prepping them. ● When conditioning the foliage it’s good to leave a section of the stem without leaves, this makes it easier to attach to the crown. ● Strip all the foliage off the stems of the blooms that you don’t want to appear in the crown of the flowers. ● If the flowers that you are using are very delicate, you may need to wire them to make them more robust. DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

Making the crown

1. Take a measurement of your head, you can either do this by using a tape measure and cutting the wire to size or by wrapping a length of wire around your head. Make sure you cut the wire a little longer than your head, so that you can make fastenings. 2. Next you need some floral tape, the type that goes sticky when you pull it. Cover the wire with the tape, making sure you keep it taut and tight as you wind it around so that it becomes sticky. DIY Flower Crown Tutorial DIY Flower Crown Tutorial 3. Make two loops at each end and cover with wire, this is where you will thread the ribbon through. 4. Select your flowers and starting from one end begin taping each flower onto the wire. Overlap the stems. Keep adding to the crown, fastening as you go and mixing up the blooms and foliage. DIY Flower Crown Tutorial DIY Flower Crown Tutorial 5. If you are making a full crown, continue adding blooms and foliage, alternating between the two. 6. Once you finished adding the blooms, fasten off the tape at the end close to the loop. DIY Flower Crown Tutorial DIY Flower Crown Tutorial 7. Then loop the ribbon through the fastening and voila, there you have a crown. DIY Flower Crown Tutorial DIY Flower Crown Tutorial
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Flowers, Floral Styling & Design: 3acre Blooms | Venue: Nancarrow Farm
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