The story behind Nikki Stark's ethical bespoke jewellery is nothing short of special, and when picking suppliers for your wedding day beautiful stories always feel much more romantic, don't they? In 2019 not only are couples seeking out more and more ethical options for their big day, but the notion of going bespoke is going absolutely nowhere. If you can have something no one else has, then why wouldn't you?! We adore the beautiful ethical bespoke pieces that Nikki lovingly handcrafts and we're certain you will too, which is why we're so proud to say she has joined our handpicked and verified supplier directory, The List. Nikki: I have always loved rings above all other types of jewellery, and this has organically led to a focus on wedding bands. 7 years ago I was asked by some friends to make my first set of rings, and this has slowly expanded. As each of my pieces is hand made to order I can offer a wide range of metals, work with couples to tweak designs, and get a perfect fit. Bespoke wishbones and curved bands to fit around different shapes of engagement rings are something I am really experienced in and I offer recycled silver trial band for these. Traditionally wedding rings tended to be simple straight bands, but increasingly I find brides are looking for something which feels more connected to and sits beautifully with their engagement ring. Meeting couples for a coffee to look through a selection of samples and discuss what they are looking for is a really enjoyable part of the process of selecting your wedding rings. Choosing a wedding band may be the first time that many people have bought fine jewellery, so there can be a lot of options and questions to work through. My understated, simple designs are practical and easy to wear. The hammered finishes are a nice opportunity to add a bit of extra sparkle without the cost or upkeep of covering a piece in tiny diamonds. These small practical pieces aren’t about making a statement to anyone else, they are for you, and over time become part of your unique style and story. I don’t launch new collections twice a year, throwing a load of designs out and replacing them with a new set. I believe that to build an ethical brand the churn needs to be abandoned. I also offer a selection of pieces in recycled gold and silver. Some simple pieces are available to order directly from my website, and for more complex pieces or for advice and guidance I am happy to chat over email or meet for a coffee.   
Ethical Bespoke Jewellery

“ I am so in love with my wedding band! Very impressed with Nikki’s service. She met me in person and patiently waited for me to try on about 100 sample shaped rings that she brought with her. And she helped me design exactly what I had in mind, sent a silver prototype which she then tweaked perfectly to fit my fussy requests. It fits with my awkwardly shaped engagement ring perfectly. An absolute super star, would highly recommend. Can’t wait to wear it for the rest of my life! Thank so much Nikki! ” Alice

“Nikki has been brilliant at realising my ideas for a stone set ring. Her attention to detail and dedication to getting it just right is unfaultable, from making sure it would fit between two other rings to selecting just the right stone. Thank you Nikki my beautiful ring, I love it!” Grace

“I would highly recommend Nikki's beautiful jewellery. Nikki has been fantastically helpful in creating the perfect wedding ring to fit with my engagement ring - with very helpful advice, sending me several different sample styles and even making a custom sample to make sure everything was just right. I am just delighted with the final result - thank you so much Nikki!” Sarah Jane

  Don't forget to visit Nikki Stark Jewellery for your ethical bespoke jewellery, and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you've been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?
The Facts
  • I started my first jewellery business at the age of 9 with a school friend. We made fimo earrings and pendants for sale at the school fair. Unfortunately, our business skills weren’t particularly well developed and it cost my parents more money than it made.
  • My first experience with silversmithing was at a Central St Martins’ Saturday class. I studied jewellery making for about 8 years before I started selling my designs. Rings have always been my favourite things to make so wedding rings organically became a focus.
  • A visit to New York about 7 years ago started my obsession with delicate gold jewellery. I saw so many stunning pieces which were very different from what was available in the UK at the time.
  • I have a simple, traditional studio setup with basic hand tools, no laser machine or microscopes. This does mean there are techniques and types of setting that I can’t offer, but making each piece individually gives loads of flexibility.
  • I made my first wishbone wedding ring for my friend Holly in 2015. I also designed her a custom engagement ring with a subtle art deco design in secret. Her now-husband took me aside at another friend’s wedding and asked me to make her ring. I was terrified for months I would ruin the surprise but managed to keep it to myself (despite several gins at the wedding).
  • Like a lot of other people I’m suffering from eco-anxiety, and am working on making my business as sustainable as I can. I offer a range of designs in recycled gold and silver, which I am hoping to expand upon soon. I’m also working on offering made to order engagement rings with artisanal small scale mined sapphires and recycled metals.
Ethical Bespoke Jewellery
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Laura Humphrey

Written by Laura Humphrey

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