Let's be honest here - if you're getting married in the UK, the weather is probably one of your biggest stresses when it comes to the big day. We often prepare for wet weather, which is sensible, but what happens if you hit the jackpot and the weather is absolutely gorgeous? If you and your guests are anything like me, then you'll be itching to get outside and make the most of it, so here are five of our favourite ways to entertain and delight guests when the sun decides to put his hat on...
Garden Games
Such an easy way to keep people entertained, but not forced or contrived in any way. If people want to play, they can. If not, then there's no pressure. Often people's biggest bugbear about wedding days is that there can be lots of waiting around. If you're having an early ceremony and a late meal, then having something that guests can entertain themselves with is essential.
Entertainment For Kids
If you're having lots of children at your wedding then do make sure there's something for them to play with. A children's tent is a lovely idea as it also provides some shade for them to cool off. Having kids there is a really special thing, but if you make sure they are catered for, then their parents will be able to enjoy themselves more too.
Outdoor Seating
Make the most of the sunshine by providing guests with somewhere lovely to sit. Who doesn't love curling up somewhere comfortable in the sunshine? The other thing about this idea is that it provides EPIC backdrops for photographs. Some of my favourite ever images of wedding guests are where they are totally relaxed, sipping champagne and sitting somewhere beautiful.
Desserts & Drinks Stations
This one is perfect for those days where the sun bursts out unexpectedly - just bring your dessert table or drinks station outside to make the most of the weather :)
Photo Booth
Setting up a photo booth is a sure fire winner whatever the occasion, but how pretty do the outdoor photo booth set ups look? It really can be as simple as hanging some empty frames from branches and letting guests loose with a polaroid camera.
Your Day Your Way
Lots of the lovely images above are taken from the Rock My Wedding Book 'Your Day Your Way' which you can purchase here. It's brimming with gorgeous inspiration and practical advice from our founder Charlotte O'Shea. Whether you're embracing the outdoors and having a summer wedding like the ones above, or your wedding is going to be the total opposite, you need our book in your life.
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Five Fun Outdoor Decor Ideas for Summer Weddings
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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