A flower crown is steeped in history and can be perfectly crafted to match your personality. They suit a whole manner of hairstyles and can completely transform your look adding colour, texture and scent. And quite frankly, we never need an excuse to include more flowers – whatever the occasion!! Whether you choose to go voluminous, delicate or full of laurels we have over 30 flower crown ideas worn by Rock My Wedding real brides to inspire you. What will your favourite be?
Flower Crown {Voluminous}
We've all heard of the term, 'go big or go home' well that definitely applies to these voluminous flower crowns featuring bulbous blooms. It doesn't matter if you're a city bride or a boho chick there is definitely a place for an oversized crown, because, let's face it, they look incredible!
Flower Crown {Delicate}
If a large flower crown isn't for you, and you prefer a more subtle option, then these delicate halos featuring spray roses, berries and craspedia (a.k.a billy balls) might be more your style. They beautifully frame the brides face, without being too over powering, and are a wondeful alternative option to a bridal headdress.
Flower Crown {Dried Flower}
Wearing a dried flower crown is a wonderful way of preserving a keepsake from your wedding day. Perfect for a wild bohemian bride or bridesmaid. Being able to construct them in advance means you can take them along with you when you go for a final dress fitting, or during a hair trial, giving you the ability to truly finalise your bridal look before the big day.
Flower Crown {Greenery}
A laurel wreath was first seen during the ancient Greek era, given to victors as a sign of respect and honour. Adding greenery and foliage to your flower crown can give more depth to your halo, as well as reduce the cost, as typically bunches of foliage are cheaper than flower stems.
Flower Crown {Colourful}
These colourful flower crowns perfectly match the brides bouquets, with the brightly coloured flowers popping against the brides white wedding dresses. Each design is incredibly romantic and match the different aestics of each wedding and brides style perfectly.
Flower Crown {Flower Girls}
There is nothing sweeter than seeing seeing an entourage of flower girls in flower crowns. They can be as simple as a gypsophila halo or more intricate entwined with flowers. Read our article about flower girl dresses for more inspiration for your favourite little people, and see how a flower crown can complement their look.
Flower Crown {Others}
As we said in our introduction, the variety of flower crowns is endless. Don't feel like you have to commit to wearing a halo all day either, lots of brides don a crown during the wedding ceremony then switch to an edgier hair accessory for the evening reception (or vice versa). Remember it's 'you day your way' so talk to your florist to see which flowers will suit you.
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Written by Lorna Shaw

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