Have you been looking into how you can nail comfort and style when it comes to your bridal shoes? Maybe you've tried taping your toes together (whaaaaat??), perhaps you've tried those jelly cushion things, slathering vaseline on the heel maybe? I'm here to tell you that you don't need to do any of those things. I know. Shocker right? If you get the right shoes in the first place you'll be skipping from the aisle to midnight in total comfort. (Skipping, staggering. Same thing.) Let me introduce you to The Shoe Consultant, aka Susannah Davda. With a degree in shoe design and a shoe consultant to many fashion brands, Susannah knows a thing or two about what makes a shoe well, a shoe. I'll hand over to Susannah to tell you everything you need to know about choosing your bridal shoes.

Forget feeling like a Princess on your wedding day. Everyone knows that the Queen calls the shots in the royal household. Your wedding day is your opportunity to wear fabulous shoes fit for a Queen. Whether you are the kind of woman who wants to take centre stage or just quietly absorb the love of your guests; you will need to be able to trust your shoes.


Your Bridal Shoes Are Important Even If You Can't see Them

You might not think that shoes are that important, especially if you plan to wear a floor-length gown, but they are. Why? Because you will spend most of your day standing up or dancing. Even when you do get to sit down to eat, you will manage a few nibbles before you and your groom or bride have to bounce back up to mingle with friends and family. As someone who advises people and brands on their shoes every working day, even I think trainers are a viable option; if they make you feel good. Your wedding outfit should be designed to make you feel like the best version of you, not you in fancy dress playing a character. So how do you find wedding shoes which make you look and feel like the Queen that you are?

How To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Wedding

Don’t aim too high. Your wedding day is not the time to wear a higher heel than you are used to. There are some truly beautiful mid-height and lower options. If you have heels on your shoe rack that are your go-to pair, measure their height, and use that as your guide.

Comfort must come naturally. You might think you can pick any old uncomfortable shoes, stick some gel cushions in and they will be fine. Unfortunately, those cushions won’t do much. Shoes need to be foot-shaped in order to feel good. That might sound obvious, but not all shoes follow the curves of your feet. When you try on a pair you love the look of, be honest with yourself about how they feel. Any hint of discomfort at this point will only get worse the longer the shoes are on your feet. Be prepared to admit that the style of your dreams is not right for you. As heartbreaking as this can feel, you will find your perfect pair.

Pain shows on your face. As you will be photographed throughout the day, you will want to look as naturally happy and relaxed as possible. Wedding shoes that cause you pain will affect your expressions, no matter how hard you pose.

Slipping is the enemy. When you think about slipping, you are probably imagining the soles of your shoes. Unless you want to wear trainers or Doc Martens, chances are your shoe soles won’t be rubber. You can certainly try to find shoes with a little grip, but don’t worry too much about this element. Slippery soles are great for dancing, and except for walking down the aisle, you will always have your new spouse or bridesmaids to cling to. Instead, I want you to think about slipping on the inside of your shoes. Poorly fitting shoes will slip about, causing friction and blisters. Try to find a style that hugs your feet and stays on with no problem. Chances are, all of the layers of your outfit will make you feel pretty warm. When your feet sweat, your shoes tend to slip. The best ways to avoid this are either by wearing sandals or picking shoes with a lining that absorbs moisture. If it fits with your ethics, a leather lining is great for wicking sweat away from your feet and preventing that unwanted friction. Follow these guidelines, and you can select any style or colour you want. As they will be comfortable, you will probably want to wear your wedding shoes again. Bear that in mind when you set your shoe budget.

One final tip Make sure your photographer takes some still life shots with your shoes and the bridal party’s bouquets. These can be such pretty images, especially when the venue is gorgeous.

Who knew you could slip inside your shoes! Thanks so much to Susannah for her wise words. Lets recap shall we? Don't reach for a new heel height that you're not used to, practice dancing in your shoes and test out how the slip factor can be an advantage for spinning around the dancefloor and ultimately, do you. If you love a flat, wear a flat. If you love a trainer, rock that. And don't forget to have your photographer capture your shoes too.

We hope you enjoy shoe shopping - be that virtually or in real life. You can click any of the images in the galleries above to view the full weddings and get lusty after all these fabulous shoes. And if you want more, you can find even more tips and inspiration here, and make sure you check out our dedicated bridal shoes Pinterest board.

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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