If ever there was an opportunity to go all-out on your dress, your hairstyle, your shoes and your accessories then this is it. Your wedding day. It's your main chance to go full-on princess/bride/bohemian/queen (delete as appropriate). Wedding hair accessories in particular have come a long way. Our real brides are constantly impressing us with their stylish and creative choices. So if it's inspiration you're after on your hunt for the perfect wedding hair accessories, look no further than this post. And once you've got your ideas, have a browse of our shortlisted Recommended accessories suppliers. There are some staggeringly beautiful designers in there with collections to feast your eyes on.

Bridal Hair Clips & Slides

Forget those pink Hello Kitty clips your niece sports (unless that's your jam - your day, your way) - These intricate, embellished and dazzling clips and slides have levelled up the easy-wear wedding hair accessories game. We've got images below to help you decide between delicate brooch like clasps, oversized pearl adorned clips, an array of celestial stars and everything in between.

Bridal Hair Combs
Combs can give you the stability to have a larger, more statement headpiece. Often (but as you can see, not always) used in an updo. Secured in the back, front or side, your hairstylist will be able to help make sure these bad boys still in all day (and all night) long.   


Bridal Crowns

We are so head over heels in love with these wedding hair accessories that bridal crowns have their own entire post on Rock My Wedding. Unless you are a fearless queen and choose to wear a crown to Tesco (we salute you), then when else in your life will you get to wear a headpiece fit for royalty? Go. All. Out.   

Wedding Hair Vines
Probably the most delicate and intricate of the wedding hair accessories, the bridal hair vine incorporates particularly well into updos and half up half down hairstyles. Fine wires and glitzy adornments combine to make a really beautiful and sometimes dainty touch.   
Bridal Headbands
An easy wear but strikingly beautiful statement piece for any bride, the bridal headband is going nowhere (literally and figuratively).  Choose fine, embellished or a pop of colour. A headband gives you the chance to showcase your personal style on your wedding day.   


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When it comes to wedding hair accessories and how to style that beautiful bridal hair we have plenty more reading (and listening) for you. Also, don't forget to have a look at our Recommended Suppliers to find your perfect accessories

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