If Game of Thrones is your thing you are in for a treat today. And If you're not obsessive like most of the world, then we still think you're going to come away from this post with a host of ideas. You don't need to have a fully tricked out Game of Thrones Wedding in order to incorporate the wealth of inspiration there is to be found in the series. The cinematography, costume design and decor of each episode are spectacular. Perfect for a nod to Game of Thrones or a fan-filled full-on Game of Thrones Wedding. 


We're focusing on rich, opulent, moody colours - think Medieval banqueting hall with lots of candlelight. Naturally, guests would sit on thrones and everything must be accessorised with a crown, even the cake. Remember to be truly authentic there's no electricity so it's strictly a candlelit affair.  How To Have A Stylish Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding


Floral tones follow the decor, with dark berries, purples and lots of foliage taking centre stage. Pair your floral displays with copper candlestick holders and large urns and you're well on the way to having a Game Of Thrones-esque floral frenzy. How To Have A Stylish Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding


For hair texture is key - the thicker the better. Then you want long loose waves, with endless plaits, twists and interlocking details. Make up is barely there, but you want to look strong and fearless, so a bold eye is perfect. How To Have A Stylish Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding


When it comes to a Game Of Thrones-inspired gown - I've got three British designers who have you covered - Ailsa Munro is the queen of the bodice, her dresses look like they could actually be from a wonderful costume department. The original multiway dresses from Twobirds would be perfect for maids, the twisty Grecian style is ideal for this theme. Then there's the vintage-inspired collection by Rolling In Roses, it's all about the capes and sleeves here. Hayley truly knows how to design a dress with drama.

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Have we won you over? Anyone out there planning a themed wedding? Even a Game Of Thrones wedding? Or are you just saving it for the small screen?

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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